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[News] Love Rain’s poster at Cannes and KBS building

Credits: Sukbar Weibo
English Translation: Sarah Ye

这个不是愚人节的玩笑哦~~上面两张图,是在戛纳电影节展厅外的KBS WORLD #爱情雨#海报,第三张图,是首尔KBS大楼外挂的#爱情雨#海报,爱情雨一定会给力的,fighting
This is not an April Fool prank ^^, the top two pictures below are from Cannes International Film Festival, KBS World’s drama Love Rain’s poster is hanging on one exhibition hall. The third picture is Love Rain poster hanging on KBS building. Love Rain will be empowered, Love Rain fighting!

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[News] 31-03-2012, New Model RangeRover Evoque was used in Love Rain

Credits: yakumocri weibo
English translation: Sarah Ye

According to Korean website, The car Jang Keun Suk likes, RangeRover has a new model, RangeRover Evoque, and this was used in his new drama Love Rain as the car for his role Seo Joon. This new model of RangRover has white color matches Seo Joon’s style very well. See the picture below. The bottom picture was a scene from the drama, Ha Na (Yoona) was driving it. 🙂

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