[2019-11-18] Tree-J Twitter

English translation: Zoe from ECI

Due to too much traffic on the website,
it seems the confirmation emails are not being sent.

If you have finished your renewal following the procedure described in the notice, you have become the member,
regardless of whether you received the confirmation email or not.

We will solve the problem with approval emails as soon as possible.

접속이 폭주하는 관계로
인증메일이 발송되지 않는 현상이
발생되고 있습니다

공지의 절차에 따라
갱신을 마치신 분은
인증메일의 승인 유무와 관계없이
정회원 승인이 이루어지고 있음을

승인메일 발송 건은
조속히 해결하겠습니다

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