[2019-09-28] jksjapan Twitter

Thank you everyone who visited ‘COMEON JKS ZIKZIN PLANET’ that was held for 18 days! Did you enjoy the exhibition that you can feel Actor Jang everywhere??^^ See you next time at “TEAM H SPECIAL WINTER PARTY ~Do U wanna have fun?~” held in December! TEAM JKS ZIKZIN~!!!♪
tenshi_akuma’s note: The message says, “If we’re linked by fate, we will meet again sometime, somewhere. Until then… Anyeong”


18日間にわたり開催された【COMEON JKS ZIKZIN PLANET】にご来場いただいた皆さん ありがとうございました✨チャンベウを感じられる展示会はいかがだったでしょうか??^^ 次は12月に開催される【TEAM H SPECIAL WINTER PARTY ~Do U wanna have fun?~ 】でお会いしましょう❄️

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1 thought on “[2019-09-28] jksjapan Twitter”

  1. Why is JKS saying goodbye in that way ? 🤔 “If … ” ?? It doesn’t sound very promising does it ? “See you soon !!” would be much more comforting and cheerful . Hope you’re ok , JKS . 💕


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