[News] JKS’ history museum ‘COME ON JKS WORLD ZIKZIN PLANET’ will be held in Tokyo in September

Credit: https://www.jang-keunsuk.jp/2019_event/zikzinplanet/
zikzin planet
Museum to trace the history of Jang Keun Suk so far will be open

Not only with his past photos and videos,
but with his past works and costumes he wore in them,
the world of Jang Keun Suk will be waiting for you

*Schedule & Ticket:
September 10th (Tue) ~ 27th (Fri)
[Part 1] 10:00-12:00
[Part 2] 12:30-14:30
[Part 3] 15:00-17:00
[Part 4] 17:30-19:30
[Part 5] 20:00-21:30 *Only available on weekdays
*Ticket valid for one part only.
*On September 18th, it’s closed after part 3 ends
as to change a part of the exhibition.

*an advance ticket: 3,900 yen (with tax)
*an advance ticket for part 5: 3,400 yen (with tax)

Japan JKS fan club members can apply the ticket with a bonus item (Recollection Track Code JKS WORLD ZIKZIN PLANET version) earlier, between June 7th (Fri) 18:00 through June 16 (Sun) 23:59. The tickets are sold on a first-come-first-served basis. The member can apply 4 tickets at a maximum for each application, and 2 parts for each day.

Shinjuku LUMENE 0(ZERO)

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12 thoughts on “[News] JKS’ history museum ‘COME ON JKS WORLD ZIKZIN PLANET’ will be held in Tokyo in September”

  1. Lucky Japanese eels! I hope we will get to see some photos and videos from the exhibition when it starts. Thank you for the translation, Tenshi! 🙂

  2. Lucky Japanese Eels ,I hope they don’t miss our Prince so much with all these programme . I wonder which organization is doing all these ? His company or the Fan Club ? But anyway we missed him so much and. waiting for his return .we sure will support him till the end !Love JKS always byebye 👍💋👏💋❤️🥰😍

  3. Not quite sure how lucky Unagi really are ? It seems to me that this is all a scheme to get money out of their pockets !! If you are an Eel , you know all about JKS’s past history . Why keep reinventing it ??? I’m much more interested in JKS now , in the present . How is he doing ? I hope that he is well and happy . It is very unusual to not even get a glimpse of him as we often do of other Korean actors in the military. One thing is certain , he is very good at hiding !

  4. Hi Anonymous dear,I am totally agree with your comments ,I like your last sentence 。I remember in one of his interviews asking him about did he dating anybody? He answered ,” I never got caught “ Very very smart our Prince . 👍👏🙏💋❤️😍😂😂🤣

  5. Dear Anonymous, I think that saying that “this is all a scheme…” is a little harsh. Nobody is being fooled or forced to go. Also, besides the old fans that miss JKS and want to go, there are always new fans, who have not had the opportunity to participate in these events yet. If I could go, I would. I also hope JKS is doing really well and happy 😀.

    • Hi Adriane ,
      I did respond to your comment a week ago , but it was not posted here . It’s not the first time that this has happened . I’ll try again .
      You’re right ! No one is forced to go , but it all seems a bit much to me . These “gifts” as they are being called are “gifts” for Japanese fans only . Not very inclusive , but so be it . It would be nice if JKS had a little more faith in ALL his fans … Japanese and otherwise . It’s as you said in another response , he does what he wants . That’s fine , but we don’t all have to like it.
      I hope that he is enjoying this break away from the eyes of the media . Sort of … ?? I guess he believes in having his cake and eating it too !! 😂
      Enjoy your day ! 😊

  6. Dear Adriane I like your comments too ,no one is forced to go ! but we eels are never tired to be closed to our Prince ,but ocx knowing him at present is all we concerned . Is he happy with the MS and is he healthy ? 🙏👍👏❤️💋😍🥰

  7. I agree. I would love to know how our Prince is doing as well, but I think that this is what he wanted, right? All the best!

  8. Dear Adriane, what do you meant by the “ that this is what he wanted, ” do yo mean that he is hiding himself from the public?

  9. Hi, that is not what I meant. I wish I knew him personally to know what he is doing 😄. All I know is that he is taking a break from his public life for the first time in his life and everybody deserves a break. Cheers.

  10. Hi everyone,if you are loyal fans of JKS we all know he started his Carrer since he was 5 ,ocx he has his ups and down ,but as a young man at his age now 32 he already achieved a lot ,actor, singer , director , and won so many prices .I also remember that in one of his interview that he mentioned ‘ Am I must to be that tired?!so it means that he really need a break !this is a good timming for that 。All we Eels only want to know that he is happy and healthy and waiting for his return 👍👏🙏❤️💋❤️💋🥰

  11. I too agree ! JKS does deserve a break , especially after what took place just before he started military service . Don’t think that we will be seeing him until it’s over . In the meantime though , he continues to promote himself in Japan . Is that really a break from public life ??? In the big scheme of things it really doesn’t matter . I can see what he is doing . In the end , everyone does what he /she feels is best for them . We can either accept it or not . It’s a personal choice. As always I hope that he is well and in good spirits . I will look forward to seeing him and whatever new projects he may have after his military service is over . 🙂


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