[2018-12-22] CRI-J Twitter

Comments event – 2018 SBS Drama Awards

Did you enjoy watching Switch?
Dear eels~ Let’s leave your supportive comments about Switch~!!

댓글 이벤트 – 2018 SBS 연기대상

스위치 재밌게 보셨죠?
장어님들~ 스위치 시청소감을 댓글로 남겨보아요~!!

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3 thoughts on “[2018-12-22] CRI-J Twitter”

  1. Love the the episodes of kdrama series switch!
    The best!!!❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️😘🇵🇭

  2. I have watched the drama four times already , super good and our Prince acting is wordless to describe love it so much 👍🙏👏😍😊❤️💋

  3. Switch is an amazing movie. For me, it was the first one with AP. When I saw it on viki, I used to say to my friends and colleagues: look, I saw a sample of korean inteligence, a single episode is better than any of the James Bond series. The scene of the accident, when the truck overtakes the car and the other truck appears suddenly, must be a lesson of directing and camera for all of the art students. The script is wise and unpredictable, the immage is taken from special angles, and that arise the charm of the movie, the play of actors includes funny moments and sometimes, a single look say more than the dialog. And the main actor – what a play – I forgot that is the same one in double roles, the play is totaly different and mature. All actors did a great performance.
    Then, also on viki, I saw Love rain. Oo, a masterpiece. I am pretty old, you know, and the movie captured me cause the director knew how to reveal the atmosphere and the golden light of the 70es. But who are these kids, they play exeptional for their age? I asked, Is that the same actor from switch? Who is he, in fact? Who is that tallented girl, Yonna? And I began to read about them and how huge they are.
    Reading about them, then reading this blog, from the begining till present, I discovered also, by and by, the culture and the people of Korea and Japan. Thank you all.
    Reading about Jang Keun Suk is a good motivation. I learned from him how to use wiser my time and help more the ones around me.


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