[News] ‘HUMAN, SPACE, TIME AND HUMAN’ will be screened at Kolkata International Film Festival

Original source: KIFF official website
JKS’ latest film ‘HUMAN, SPACE, TIME AND HUMAN’ will be screened at KIFF (Kolkata International Film Festival) 2018, in Masetro section, on November 14th.

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9 thoughts on “[News] ‘HUMAN, SPACE, TIME AND HUMAN’ will be screened at Kolkata International Film Festival”

  1. The film was also screened in Hong Kong on Nov 14 ,most of JKS Eels went to see the film .We say hello to each other and enjoy the film very much ! Good acting JKS , ❤️❤️We will always support our Prince and waiting for his return ❤️❤️

    • Hi! How was the movie? Since the film was quite an issue during earlier screenings, I’ve been wondering how it will impact the image of JKS. I have a co-worker who dislikes JKS so much and she keeps bothering me with this movie – she kept repeating over and over to me that JKS shouldn’t have accepted a role that has something to do with raping a woman.

      While I always feel sick watching movies with rape scenes, I can understand that they reflect very real problems in our culture. I hope the movie didn’t trivialize this issue just for the sake of being controversial.

      • Hello vanillasky onni. The movie was great!!!! But the story are not good because of jks oppa’s role in this movie too. It’s quite shocking to me. And my aunt and I watch this movie how terrible that the scenes are really shocking!!! And my aunt told me when I watch this movie “jenny, you better close your eyes or cover with handkerchief because there is a deleted scenes that you will never watch or see” so, I was shock when my aunt told me. And i said “ok.” And when I watch this, it’s kind a terrible because there was a rooster that they killed it and I was shock and sad because for me when I see those killing animals I use not to look at it because it gives me traumatic to it. Oh by the way My name is jenny kookoo, I am 20 years old student, and I am a pure vegan. And that’s are shocking story about what i saw, and i watch too. I think the end of the movie is so sad or shocking. Have a great day vanillasky onni. And if you want to write me a message you can add me here, thank you https://youtu.be/addme/PAMXUkmd2ui8rH1US-LFRrX0KBWjyg
        And also god bless to you and to our wonderful hearts to our beautiful eels too❤️❤️

  2. Hi, all Eels, I just finished watching “Nelson Diary” I cried during watching it !! Still digesting every words he said ,I love him more and more he inspires me a lot . He said work hard, play hard and Love hard ! I really hope that he will find his true love and have a happy family someday .Love and support him always , waiting for his happy and healthy return ❤️❤️❤️

  3. Don’t understand why jks would choose to be part of a film that shows little respect for humanity and degrades women ?!? It’s so not what he is about . I understand his desire to test his acting skills but at what expense ? Surely there are better roles and scripts out there . It’s disappointing . I have no desire to see it and I will not see it . Films are meant to entertain not traumatize .

    • Hello Mina onni, my name is Jenny Kookoo. Nice to meet you. I just wrote a comments about the movie human, space, time and human. I think your correct because when you watch or see that you don’t want to see is traumatic scenes that are not good. I hope jks oppa will have a good movie or drama series with good scripts someday when he comes back after two years. How do you feel when you saw the movie? Does it traumatize to you or maybe I don’t know. Oh well, nice to meet you again. And Have a happy afternoon to you and our wonderful eels too❤️

  4. Hi Jenny ,
    In my comment I said that I would NOT watch it and I have NOT seen it . However I did see a few clips from the film , here as a matter of fact , and that’s what led me to my decision . Yes, I would be traumatized by a film like that , that’s why I would never watch it . Have a good day/night 🙂


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