[2018-06-13] CRI-J twitter

To celebrate 2018 Benefit Photo Exhibition, ‘Kim Dae Ri’ coffee truck will be operated!

○Iced coffee
○Iced tea
○Plain yogurt smoothie
All menu beverages are 3,000W!
(The coupon will be sold next to the ticket booth / For 16th, 1,000 coupons only. For 17th, 500 coupons only)
*The earnings of coffee truck will be donated to the photo exhibition. Thank you!


2018나눔 사진전 기념 ‘김대리 커피차’운영합니다!
모든 메뉴 ₩3,000입니다!
(티켓부스 옆에서 쿠폰 판매/16일 1,000잔, 17일 500잔 한정)
※커피차 판매 수익금은 나눔 사진전에 전액 기부 됩니다.

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