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Torch Relay of PyeongChang Olympic PR ambassador “Jang Keun Suk” (Source: Fact in Star | NAVER TV )

평창올림픽 홍보대사 "장근석"의 성화봉송 (출처 : 팩트인스타 (Fact in Star) | 네이버TV)


‘PyeongChang Winter Olympic PR ambassador’ Jang Keun Suk,
concluded the torch relay of Chuncheon area
(Source: K STAR live star news | NAVER TV)

‘평창동계올림픽 홍보대사’ 장근석,
춘천 구간 성화봉송 대미 장식
(출처 : K STAR 생방송 스타뉴스 | 네이버TV)

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tenshi_akuma’s note: No English NOTICE about ‘Christmas festival in March with JKS’ was posted on princejks.com. But it seems they accept oversea eels openly. If you’re interested in the event and the official member of CriJ 9th, please contact to them by e-mail.

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