[News] JKS plans Meet&Greet for lucky fans after each ROCKUMENTARY show in Japan

Original source: KOARI.net
They announced Jang Keun Suk who is going to release his 4th album ‘Voyage’ on August 9th (Wed) after 2 years interval plans Meet&Greet at each venue of ‘JANG KEUN SUK THE CRISHOW ROCKUMENTARY’ held in Tokyo and Osaka in July, which is supposed to gather about 40,000 fans in total.

The lucky 10 winners of Meet&Greet for each day is selected by lot.

The participants for this chance need to satisfy some conditions below.
1. Those who has the ROCKUMENTARY ticket, Osaka (July 1-2) or Yokohama (July 4-5).
– You need to show your ticket when you pre-order the album.
2. Those who pre-order his album ‘Voyage’ (any of The first limited production A, B, or regular edition) at VENUE.

Those who pre-order his album at VENUE gets the original photo for the bonus. If your photo has ‘WINNER’ sticker on it, you can participate Meet&Greet after the show. The realtime report of the winners for each day will be announced.

Meet&Greet is held after the show each day. The lucky fans will meet JKS in person! What a nice gift from him!!

For more details, please check the info on UNIVERSAL MUSIC / EMI Records.

P.S. You need to write where to send the album when you pre-order.

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3 thoughts on “[News] JKS plans Meet&Greet for lucky fans after each ROCKUMENTARY show in Japan

  1. OMG!!! Soooooo lucky eels.. 🙁 🙁
    500 eels will b acting in his MV, so many eels will directly meet him.. waah.. He spares no opportunity to b close with fans.. ❤❤

    In my entire life will I be able to see u someday, my Prince? 🙁

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