[Pics] JKS with friends at ski resort

UPDATE: added another one

JKS visited Phoenix Park Ski Resort, South Korea to support Kim Ho Jun, a Korean snowboarder, who participated FIS WORLD CUP.

Original source: hojunsb Instagram

Original source: hojunsb Instagram

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4 thoughts on “[Pics] JKS with friends at ski resort”

    • He is suchhhhh a MAN..
      Any outfit suits him,
      Any hairstyle suits him,
      Any colour suits him,
      Any character suits him….

      If we r praising him tooo much,
      That also suits him.. hihi.. HE DESERVES, right?? ????

  1. I am happy to see u shining. So smart and beautiful, don’t bring yourself too much pressure. Just do well at present. Life should be like that full of colourful. All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. Enjoy yourself, hope can see your performance in Hong Kong in the future. Love and u and support u forever Jks.


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