[Pic] JKS at ramen shop ‘ganso-nagahamaya’_20170405

Shared by the shop owner and @Zikzinmiwa twitter

According to the story shared by the owner, Suk unexpectedly visited the ramen shop, wishing to eat their ramen. There was a lunchtime rush, so they kindly opened a unused place for him. One of the staff asked him to take a photo with them. At first, JKS’ staff said sorry because he didn’t make up on yet, but Suk himself accepted their request without hesitation. What a nice guy he is!

8 thoughts on “[Pic] JKS at ramen shop ‘ganso-nagahamaya’_20170405”

  1. It’s nice of him to take a photo with them. And as for worrying about make up on yet or not. Doesn’t he know Eel’s love the Nature Boy? LOL

  2. hi there both you two are the same comments i am going to make ! Our Prince looks so handsome and natural without any makeup He was borned good looking and please dont do anything on your handsome face 。We eels love you inside out not only your look but bcx you are JKS please take care Zinkin !。Really hope to see you in HongKong ! any plan of comming to Hongkong for concerts or FM。 Hongkong eels miss you lot ! byebye, have a nice day

  3. Thx for the photo and the comments . I always think that our dear JKS doesn’t need any heavy makeup at all . We eels like his natural handsome face ! And he was so nice on the request of the shop staff ,which he is always do, that’s why he is the best artist to his fans , we missed him so much and waiting for his return in May . Stay healthy JKS ❤️???????


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