[News] JKS’ directing movies ‘The Great Legacy & Daega Elementary School’ will be shown at IFFAM on Dec. 9th

Original source: macauticket.com
According to the ticketing website in Macau, JKS’ directing movies ‘The Great Legacy & Daega Elementary School’ will be shown at the 1st International Film Festival & Awards Macao (IFFAM) at 15:00 on December 9th, 2016. JKS will be there and share the behind story in front of the audience like Bucheon International Fantastic Film Festival (Bifan).

Original source:
IFFAM official webisite

The Great Legacy 
Director: Jang Keun-Suk

Jun-Suk is drowning in debt. Jun-Suk’s father(Young-Pal) left him a bank account but he went into coma before telling him its PIN. Jun-Suk keeps on talking to his father who’s in coma. One day Young-Pal’s electrocardiogram reacts on Jun-Suk voice. The numbers on electrocardiogram seem like the PIN.

Daega Elementary School
Director: Jang Keun-Suk

Geun-suk visits his elementary school 20 years after the graduation: the classroom, playground, the stores he used to visit near the school…. While calling up the memories from his childhood one after another, Geun-suk decides to leave a message to him 20 years later.

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17 thoughts on “[News] JKS’ directing movies ‘The Great Legacy & Daega Elementary School’ will be shown at IFFAM on Dec. 9th”

    • I don’t think JKS’s movies are in 3D. $80 movies are 3D movies and JKS’s is $50, so not in 3D I believe. Tickets are already sold out, too!!

    • Completely agreeing with u sis..
      All the other stars r in Korea r enjoying all privileges n love from the ppl except our PRINCE despite being the most talented actor in this world, despite having all good dramas in his name, despite being such a nice man in real life too.. it’s so disheartening..
      I don’t even like to watch any other k dramas except Suk’s nor any other actor has the charms of our PRINCE..

      When r they going to support him???
      If we as fans feel so bad, how much hurt our PRINCE must b??

      • Suk’s doing very good job this year. He got many good reviews for what he done this year.MC, acting, directing, and reality show.they were pretty success. He finally got the recognized by his people as a dedicated actor with Daebak.
        So we don’t have to be worry.just believe in Suk’s and keep supporting him, he will do the best to show them how talented he is^^

  1. Initially, I thought Suk’s going to attend the award ceremony only. So, now he’ll be at the IFFAM both as the Talent Ambassador and director.. really proud and happy for him!! By the way, is “Daega Elementary School” his new short movie? And, has he returned to Seoul after the FM?

    • He filmed “Daega Elemantary School” short movie in June 2015. The movie was posted in princejks.com last year. It´s still there. New members will be able to watch it too when CriJ8 membership starts in January. 🙂

      • Sis is this the movie shot in Nelson??
        Omo really ofc members can watch this.. Omo.. but I had to miss the membership this time.. ??? can’t see..

      • Oh got it Daega Elementary school is not the one shot in New Zealand.. Sorry for putting the question..

  2. Waaaahh our PRINCE is very very talented.. He deserves all this..
    Very happy.. feel like dancing now.. hihi..??????

    • Hi to all eels. Like what Ms. Priya_India said, i have also stopped watching other Korean dramas. I only watch our Prince’s works like dramas, movies, CFs, interviews. Other actors do not fascinate me as Prince Suk does. I don’t know what he has done to me that It is only him that I want to watch. It also hurts me to think how much it must hurt him not to receive the recognition he deserves from his own country. But he could take consolation from the fact that millions of people from around the world love him like we do. Let us ZIKZIN together with him forever.FIGHTING!

  3. I’m a new fan. I just finished watching Love Rain, Daebak and You’re Beautiful. I would love to be one of the millions who will continue on supporting and cheering him on.

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