[News] TEAM H PARTY 2016 DVD & PHOTO BOOK will be released on February 15, 2017

UPDATE: The exclusive bonus gift for pre-order the set (DVD and photo book) by Dec 20 was announced! The digest DVD of additional Yoyogi stage.

Here’s the flash news about TEAM H PARTY 2016 ‘Monologue’ LIVE DVD&PHOTO BOOK. Now You can order them at KOARI.net only, but I think DVDs will be sold at other online shops such as YESASIA, CDjapan, Amazon.co.jp and so on. But the PHOTO BOOK must be exclusive at KOARI.net. We’ll update the info where you can order from overseas lager, but if you want to order these items at KOARI, please check [Info] How to order JKS stuff from Koari.net (and other Japanese online shops). Here’s the item links of KOARI.net.

*TEAM H PARTY 2016 ‘Monologue’ LIVE DVD
The 1st stage of YOKOHAMA (October 26th performance) held at Yokohama arena is included in the DVD. Plus, the digest and making DVD is included. Especially about the making DVD, not only the BTS of each stage but how TEAM H PARTY 2016 completed just after one unexpected call during the final day of ENDLESS SUMMER Osaka are in it. You can also see other contents such as production meeting, practice scenes of dancing, JKS and the production director’s comments about the party concept this round. All are exclusive, so please don’t miss it.

DISC1: 1st day of Yokohama arena performance (About 130 minutes)
DISC2: The digest and making

– original package
– Original bonus item (not announced the details)

6,980 yen

Five years since their first performance in Japan passed. All memories of OSAKA and YOKOHAMA will be included in one PHOTO BOOK. Through this photo book, you can remember the every moment that was very precious.

All full-colored pages (28 pages)

2,160 yen

*TEAM H PARTY 2016 ‘Monologue’ DVD & PHOTO BOOK:
A set of the 2 items

Those who ordered a set of the 2 items at KOARI website by Dec 20th 2016, you’ll get KOARI exclusive bonus item, the digest DVD of additional Yoyogi stage! You must order the set from KOARI special page. If you order them separately, I’m afraid the bonus item won’t be given to you. Please be careful.

TEAM H PARTY 2016 ‘Monologue’ LIVE DVD

9,140 yen

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