5 thoughts on “[Fan Account] Nako’s two-day happy time attending 2016 TEAM H PARTY Osaka

  1. Thanku soooo much sis for the FS sis.. I was deeply involved reading this FA from start to last.. A complete scenario of the 2nd day.. Plz plz God give us a chance to see this concert on yt.. There will be no need of subtitles also after reading this FA..

  2. Very impressed that they really considered audience views and changed the stage.. This must b our Prince’s thought for his beautiful loving eels.. And so impressed hearing about 2 hearing impaired enjoying Team H music.. In Halloween party video too there was an eel sitting on wheel chair attending Team H concert..

    • This is really touching that our PRINCE n Team H r a source of happiness n love for so many kinds of ppl.Thanks for sharing such experiences through ur FAs here.. Wanna see Prince’s dance.Not at all a problem if our PRINCE remains naughty like this in his 40s, 50s n so on.. Best wishes to Suk n BB who created moments even with sore muscles <3 <3

  3. It’s so heartwarming that Sukkie and/or Team H could be a source of joy for so many people from all walks of life!

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