[News] The details of Director Jang Keun Suk’s ‘The Great Legacy’ on BiFan website

Original source: BiFan
As we reported several times before, [News] Jang Keun Suk short film, “The Great Legacy”, was selected to be screened in BiFan. The details and some photos from the film have been finally posted on BiFan official website.’The Great Legacy’ comes under ‘Fantastic Short Films’ category. The film is 9 minutes long.

Jun-Suk is drowning in debt. Jun-Suk’s father (Young-Pal) left him a bank account but he went into coma before telling him its PIN. Jun-Suk keeps on talking to his father who’s in coma. One day Young-Pal’s electrocardiogram reacts on Jun-Suk voice. The numbers on electrocardiogram seem like the PIN…

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9 thoughts on “[News] The details of Director Jang Keun Suk’s ‘The Great Legacy’ on BiFan website”

  1. I will watch anything he is in or has directed and I know it will be great and he will be great. He has yet to disappoint.

  2. Guys!! Our prince’s “The Happy Life” will be shown in 38th Moscow Int Film Fest starting today.. Proud moment for all of us. Tenshi sis can u plz post the details here??

  3. He’s had so many triumphs this year, and the tear isn’t even half over! Well-deserved congratulations to this very hard-working, multi-talented artist!


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