[Pics & Video] Message from ECI appearing on the mobile truck in Shanghai

Starting 2015.10.10, mobile billboards promoting Jang Keun Suk “2015 Live in Shanghai” are running the streets of Shanghai daily till 10.24, the day of the concert. These advertising LED trucks are contributed by various fan clubs from China, Hong Kong, Taiwan etc. We from Eels’ Club International (ECI) are proud to be able to participate in this event initiated by JKS China 40 Mother Eels Club (张根硕40岁鳗鱼妈妈群). These trucks not only act as advertisement to promote Jang Keun Suk upcoming show in Shanghai, but more importantly, carries loads of well wishes and love from his eels all over the world!

Our message on the mobile truck:
来自全球75国的ECI鳗鱼们会—直陪伴你, ZIKZIN!!!预祝张根硕10.24上海公演圆满成功
ECI eels from over 75 countries across the world will always be with you, ZIKZIN!! Wishing success to Jang Keun Suk Shanghai concert on 10.24



Thanks Kimi and QQ for giving us the chance to join this meaningful event. We’re really happy to be the part, and we hope that LIVE in SHANHGHAI will be a great success!!! Zikzin!

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7 thoughts on “[Pics & Video] Message from ECI appearing on the mobile truck in Shanghai”

  1. This really is remarkable dedication to JKS!! With promotion like this, his appearance simply cannot be anything other than a huge success!!
    Can someone explain what the name ’40 Mother Eels Club’ means?

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