Sorry, we totally forgot posting this subbed video here. It’s an old TV show JKS appeared in 2005. Last year ECI sisters helped for the translation and uploading it on YT. Thanks again!

English translation: Wen Lee
Uploading: Pei Pei; all from ECI

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14 thoughts on “[ENG-SUB] 2005 TV SHOW: ‘PRETTY BOYS’ – JKS CUT”

  1. That was so cute.I think our prince is expert in making surprises,haha. He is the sweetest one..Thank you for sharing, ^_^

  2. Miss Tenshi, thank you for updating us International Eels… You are really an angel to us… My friend will visit Tokyo next week and i asked her to buy DVD Camp and Monochrome album for me… If you could tell me the name and address of the stores where she can purchase this items because she is not familiar with the place. Thank you very much!

  3. Dear Tenshi, thank you for keeping dig up the oldies of our sweeties. It has been ten years now. He was still a high school teen. His voice was the same but his look was very different then. I love the boyish look, smiles, and laughter so much. Just feel like hugging him. He was born a natural good looking guy.


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