[2015-04-24] jksjapan twitter

The CRI SHOW III tour has come to the halfway point!!!
Shizuoka performances completed successfully ^^
See you next stage in Kobe ~!!!!


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7 thoughts on “[2015-04-24] jksjapan twitter

  1. Sad. Suk no longer Lotte duty free model due to that alleged tax scandal. Challenging days for him.
    I only support Suk, I lost my interest in K-entertainment.

    • Is it true that their reason for pulling out our Prince as a model of LDF is because of undying issue about tax scandal?why did they always put that issue?I thought it was resolved already. That could be unfair treatment for him if that’s the case.I’m still hoping that there’s a good reason for that and our prince will be fine and strong. ~_~

    • Please don’t be so pessimistic. I don’t think It’s related to his contract at all. He’s played Lotte Duty Free ambassador for 4 years. Quite long, isn’t it? They just need to get new customers, so they decided to change their models. I think it’s also good for Suk too. He doesn’t like to have a fixed image. He likes to change, doesn’t he? Zikzin!!

      • I agree! And I always believe everytime he experienced some tribulations in life…success will follow. I’M Sukkie would prefer also to have another product to endorse.

  2. I can’t wait to see all his performances on DVD,hehe. I heard that his arena concerts are all sold out, everyone are looking forward to all his shows. Daebak!! 😉

  3. What ever I will congratulate and very happy for him all his concerts was sucessful it is show that all his fans support him

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