[Pics] ‘F to F’ October 2014 vol.19 magazine

Before we shared the cover photos, and some inside pics have been shared on he Internet, too. So beautiful as suitable to promote ‘Beautiful Man (Bel Ami)’ in the magazine.


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6 thoughts on “[Pics] ‘F to F’ October 2014 vol.19 magazine”

  1. So beautiful my boy! I love his eyes because his eyes reflect all the pure and naive soul that lives in him. I love him! And i love tht he is so polite. Many people should learn from him, especially youth, he is such a good role model for the youth, I love it that besides he is a great actor he also occupied time to finish his career. He is very smart and knows how to handle his career. And he is beautiful!! What else can you ask for?? 🙂

  2. Thanks dear Tenshi! Very nice pictures …. actually the protagonist of these pictures is guilty … 🙂 I can’t say what impresses me more, the sweet smile or the direct look but warm at the same time… What I can say is that the assembly is adorable <3

  3. Thanks for pics,his perfect handsome and that lovely smile on his face will make all eels have a happy day thanks my PrinceJKS ,will love you forever

  4. O God!!
    One should leave everything n just stare at him all day all night!!!
    What a beauty!! What an angel!! Oeeemmmmggggg!!!

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