[article] [Yesterday TV]‘Pretty Boy’ Jang Keun-suk, learns the value of money from So Eu-jene

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[OSEN=Oh Min-hee] ‘Pretty Boy’ starts his move to allure 10 successful women’s hearts. First target is So Eu-jene who will be teaching the worth of money.

Hong Yoo-ra(Han Chae-young) tells Dok Go-mate(Jang Keun-suk) that he is Park Gi-suk(Dokgo Young-jae) president’s son in KBS 2TV ‘Pretty Boy'(writer Yoo Young-ah, director Lee Jae-sang, Jung Jung-hwa) episode 2 aired on 21.

Dok Go-mate wants to become the son of conglomerate by finding out the code his mother left him. But Yoo-ra did not easily tell him the code. Instead she gives him a mysterious key, “Become a powerful king who can beat the gueen. Start from here.”

Yoo-ra gave him a key to a garage full of socks. It was filled with white socks made in 5 years ago. When Dok Go-mate oppose, she says “You should be happy to get products without investment. Did you thought the garage would be full of money?” and made hime decide what to do with the socks.

When Dok Go-mate complains “How much can I earn by selling socks”, Yoo-ra gives him a target for his mission “Conquer Jack-hee. Learn what money really is.” Jack-hee was a successful women in real estate business, who will teach him the meaning of money.

Jack-hee learned imagination from her experience. When Dok Go-mate treated 10million like a small sum, she says “Even though I am a billionaire now, I started out with 10 million won. Money disappears if you think small of it. But if you know how to treasure it, it becomes you treasure.” She highlighted that money is life. She started teaching the lessons which will change Dok Go-mate.

Meanwhile, the original cartoon ‘Pretty Boy’ written by Chun Kye-young centers on handsome enough to become nation’s treasure Dok Go-mate’s(Jang Keun-suk) success story. This pretty boy will be encountering ten women, in their super class, to learn their know hows. Also ‘really normal girl’ Kim Bo-tong(IU) will be featuring unpredictable romance with Dok Go-mate.

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21 thoughts on “[article] [Yesterday TV]‘Pretty Boy’ Jang Keun-suk, learns the value of money from So Eu-jene”

  1. Woww….I don’t know who is this writer who always write recap or review about Beautiful Man. I love her writing style. She doesnot exagerated the facts or downside the importand missions or goals of the drama.

    After watching Episode #2, my initially uneasy feeling about Dokgo MaTe’s character has changed….. negative to positive……yeahh.

    I can’t wait to find out what Dokgo MaTe would do to complete his missions? How he would use all the knowleges and wisdoms from the women he charmed and seduced.

    How in the world can a person, any person, receive Ravish Gifts from someone, without even directly asking for those gifts….only staring and hinting he wants the things. Vola!!! The items are at his hand. Totally unbelievable unique character!!!

    In Beautiful Man, Dokgo MaTe has missions, and willing to do any things, what it takes to achieve his goals….and hopelully along the way, he comes to realize his TRUE LOVE, too.

    Beautiful Man, please keep surprise and WOW me every episode!! I’m loving this drama. Can’t wait for next Episode..!!!!

    • Hahaha Kailey…
      Our prince is getting what he wants too…we listen to every word he says and we eels runs to get it to him just to make him feel happy..(look at the foodsupport of the arab eels LOL)
      The only difference is our Sukkie knows the value of money too well since he had been with and without it in his life…
      Through diligence, very hardwork, swallowing his pride, endurance and learning to turn his talents into virtues…he got himself and his family and friends back to their feets.
      He wants to give us his lessons in life through his acting, his singing and now his podcast and most important by showing us his normal life…everything has a small or a big message attached to it…and he wants to save us in his manner…
      Where can you find such a prince easily???
      and he always shows his appreciations directly in the many ways he can communicate with us…

  2. i have to say that PM was so funny and i’m really loving it ,, iu was so cute and perfect for her role ,, she and jgs are adorable 🙂 XD i was so sad with the bad raring at first but now i don’t care i just want to see my prince act again but i cant stop thinking if the reason for the low rating was the korean hate for JGS OR what ?? cuz the story line in really good and you can see that their is a depth behind it all . i keep wounder if this drama could have a better rating in korea if the lead wasn’t jgs ??? what do you guys think ?? cuz this drama really have it all ?? what is going wrong ??

    • Just code what Koala’s Playground said on 20th Nov.
      “the lackluster reception of his headlining dramas has nothing to do with his popularity in Korea. He just picks projects that don’t naturally appeal to the domestic viewers who control the remotes and will require a great story to hook the audience.”

    • Randa, I agreed with you in some extent. If this Beautiful Man drama is playing by other ACTOR, the result would be totally different in term of TV Rating.

      Sukkie’s dramas were not doing well in Korea, because most Korean people don’t like him. Many people are not fond of his behaviors, personalities or whatever the reasons..?? Many people are already pre-judged him as an arrogant and self-centered person, so no matter what he will do and what drama he act in, even the DRAMA is very good and generate lots lots of money, they would just ignore him.

      But believe me, Beautiful Man won’t be the TALK of the town or BIG buzzz on social network if not Jang Keun Suk as Dokgo MaTe.

      Problem with producing Beautiful Man: based on my personal opinions….

      Where in the world would the production company find an ACTOR who comes with BOTH acting skills and beautiful face.

      Yeahhh….there are many Beautiful face men in Korea….but can they act well.?? And there are so many talented good ACTORs in Korea….but their faces are not as defined beautiful like Jang Keun Suk.

      Producing Beautiful Man must be very challenging project, the genre of this DRAMA is very unique new topic, a new Trend, which is very unsuitable for the additional and conservative country like Korea. The production company must realize the PRO and CONS in casting Jang Keun as DoKgo MaTe. Would the company targeting International profits or domestic comfortable earnings? Korea is soooo condensed and small country, so the smart producers would always want to TARGET international’s interests and popularity.

      Jang Keun Suk, despite his low profile in Korea, can generate profits and make millions of money for the production company. Used Love Rain for example….. one of the lowest TV rating generated the Highest Income in Korea’s drama history.!!! Does it even make sense Love Rain can earn that much money?!!

      The problems I see for LOW rating DRAMA are….

      1) The TV Channel might not be able to sell commercials in high price, like they might receive from dramas that have HIGH Rating. TV channel is at disadvantage..!!!

      2) There is not much a chance of STAR gaining any awards, unless fans paid to vote to give the STAR the some of the awards. For some actors, receiving award and recognition for their dramas is their ultimate pride and goal of an

      • Kailey, you said it all. But all these hoopla made great returns. He always turned down by many of his countrymen but in return he gained the world, and that what matters the most.

      • wow thanks you guys you said it all but i’m scared that sukkie wont be acting again for a long time and he may not have the chance to play with good actresses again and that may have a bad effect on his acting career 🙁 i’m so angry and sad and really started hating the koreans >_< ?!! like give him a f*ing chance ??!!

      • That is nothing new…
        Since BM goes against some favorites of the koreans…not because they act better or even the plot is better but just because…
        Accept for the korean eels who are one of the strongest supporters amongst all fans…

        Sukkies drama’s are commercially the most profitable…but even about that they are not writing too much…

        Saw the arirang vid…They want to promote but they are also so guarded; except for the lady presentor (eel maybe??)…Like talking about Love Rain, it not being a succes…but forget to mention it’s huge commercial value and the fact it even got to be remade into a movie…

    • Randa: like you said, BM ALMOST has it all – top-shelf cast, appealing story line, compelling script and smooth flow. There is just one thing that has not been properly done from day one – the promotion was disastrous. When it was first announced that BM would be shot, all that was advertised was the lead actor would seduce 10 women and the male character possessed “national beautiful”. Given the title (Beautiful Man at first) and the brief introduction, a lot of us just assume that there would be a gigolo involved, and the storyline would be quite superficial and narcissistic. To make the matter worse, of all the names in the world they later on picked “Bel Ami”, in which there was a subtext. It appears that the name and preliminary promotional work alone have already displeased quite a lot of potential viewers. Who will be interested in watching a narcissistic gigolo?
      If you have watched the drama already (which I believe you already did), you will understand that there is no gigolo involved. There is so much depth in the plot than that is at first promoted. Mate at first cares only about money, but as the story progresses he realizes there are a lot more than just wealth in life and you can see his inner beauty growths day by day, and eventually he becomes a man beautiful on the inside and on the outside. This is a romantic comedy, and yet for the first episode there is already a well blend of happiness, sadness, excitement, mystery and suspense already. I do not doubt that if the promotional work is done properly, no matter who will be the lead actor this drama will achieve excellent viewer rate. And if the Korean audience has given it a shot, they would realize actor Jang’s acting skills – they are convincing. For real I do not expect myself crying in a romantic comedy like this, and let alone in the first episode! JKS nailed it – he can act like a highschooler and looks convincing, he flirted with a rich lady much older than him without us feeling fake, he acted childishly when he got the car as a gift, he wailed and made us cried along when Mate’s mum passed away, he acted really cool but looked laughable when he first bumped into the mysteriously lady. This drama provides a much needed venue for actor Jang to showcase his acting. So if you ask me if there is anyone who can play Mate better than JKS? I doubt there is.
      If the promotional work kicks in sooner and focuses on the main character’s struggle and growth in his inner beauty, it is quite likely that the viewer rate will be much better than now. But I am not worried about the viewer rate at all. Firstly, it takes time for the local people to realize what is in store and spread the news, secondly what matters most to us most is we can enjoy JKS’s performance and our admiration for him grows. After watching the first two episodes it reminds me of what I have been told when I first join ECI – JKS will never cease to surprise you, so expect the unexpected. In fact a lot of my fellow eel sisters said that JKS’s acting is the best in this drama! Such comment made by his fan is an achievement for JKS already. Let’s just enjoy what JKS has prepared for us, shall we?

      • Hear hear my dear eel…
        my heart is skipping beats thinking about the rest of the drama..

        As I was never afraid to anticipate any work of our prince…because he always delivers no matter what…bad scripts, bad ratings, bad promotions etc and stays on top of the game because he is an ACTOR by all means…and through his career..esp when he got to choose his own work..his projects always have a deeper meaning to it..

  3. I watched Episode 2. There is one hitch is this drama which makes it non-coherent. Its the “electric fairy scene”. I hope they take that out, it makes the whole drama “cheap” and “plastic”, including the pink digital watch.

    JKS really delivered, same with the rest of the cast. But please…. the electric fortune telling scenes should not be part of the whole script. Its not coherent. Its actually a turn-off, and I pity Suk because he delivers over and above expectations.

    Please… directors and script writers…. make the script coherent…. please please…

    • Dear Anna, i m sorry to say this… But its manhwa adaptation. And i have different opinion about the electric fairy. It is a fresh fresh scene. And showed an irony how people make psychic become business and sometime too much to bear. But still many people stucked into it no matter how rich and how modern people is. Its sooo comical for me but also nicely deliver its depth.

      • And that is a way of showing denial in a comical way. Its one way of saying even how intelligent is a person, if that person is denial stage, expect her/him to do such idiotic ways…it appears to me as a satire.

      • Exactly the same thought about electric fairy! Despite being so modern, some people still turn to this kind of practice…

    • Aaand i think the pinky digital watch has a meaning. Do you see a preview that a truck look like it will hit jaek hee and matte? Hmmm…. At first i dont understand what its mean with that pinky digital watch. But when i see the preview, my mind assumed: aaahh… The watch refer to time for jaek hee? Well but thats my opinion. Lets see what will happen with jaek hee..

      • I have the same thoughts, since its a manhwa adaptation, the foreshadowing of jaek hee’s death should not appear so morbid. And I find the answer of why Sukkie should have a new hair cut. It’s another chapter for the next woman to seduce, and the next woman he should gain wisdom.

  4. @daryl lade: yeaaa.. Seemed we are in the same wave hehehe… This drama, oh gosh, so interesting in everything. Especially, for the comic author and scriptwriter. No wonder why JKS choose it and he said its not a wrong choice. He could make matte character become more human. And i admire the other cast, director, producer works. Its solid one. I could understand reason behind one character in only few scene. Endurance of Botong and her strong feeling, IU make it cute and adorable. Hong yu ra reason behind her revenge and how han che young make this character shine with her body language and facial Expression especially the eyes and lips. The fragile, childish, and a tolerable jaek hee. Many more about other. Luke i could.not stop seeing every detail become a meaning. Love evrything about this drama! EXCELLENT!

  5. Oh and one more thing i found interesting. When there is flash back scene, its always something new. Not the same scene repeat again and again like many other dramas i Couldn’t mentioned about; because its a lot. Do you see it as well. Rich visualization.

  6. i love this drama already..and i hope eels dont get shocked by keun suk hairstyle later.kkkk…maybe 10 different style for 10 women..i dont know how creative his hairstylist could be.

    about IU acting..i think she really do a good job.never saw her act..but she looks natural.remind me of kim sun ah in MNIKSS.kkkk…

  7. About the rating – the second episode’s was a liitle bit higher than the first in Seoul. That proves my theory that the conservative public wouldn’t watch BM amyway and the young and modern korean audience will use tablets or other devices to see it.
    We all know that ottside Korea BM will be a success – not only for our Prince but because we appreciate the sence of humour and the story itself.


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