[Music] English translation of the lyrics “In my dream”

Lyrics: Jang Keun Suk
English translation: tenshi_akuma

Small laughter which reaches my ears
A little kid who resembles me
A beautiful scenery which I described in that dream

All were very brilliant like a sunshine
Imagining such pieces of warm memories of the long past makes my eyes watery

I will fly high, I will fly high, I will fly high

toward that place which looks close enough to touch
toward my far-distant dream

That unfinished story buried in repeated everyday life like a routine
My song which describes my happiness being with you

I will fly high, I will fly high, I will fly high

toward that place which looks close enough to touch

I will fly high In my life

Remove the fear which has restrained myself under feeling of tight pressure

I will fly high, I will fly high, I will fly high

toward that place which looks close enough to touch
toward my far-distant dream

I will fly high

You can listen to the song from here.

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20 thoughts on “[Music] English translation of the lyrics “In my dream””

  1. Honestly, this translation was the hardest… The original lyrics is written in Korean by JKS. I used Japanese translation of the lyric sheet attached the album “Just Crazy”. But I still can’t understand the meaning of Japanese… I’m afraid that Japanese translation isn’t good… anyway, this song was written by JKS to recall his 20 years since his debut. I hope my translation will work a bit for you…

    • Thanks a lot Tenshi! I have been been looking for the translation of this song from different sites because I want to know its essence. And these song really told his 20 years experience. And I was reading this as if I could picture the little Suk who worked very early in life and carrying that big bag going to shooting sites, and remembered what he said in the documentary that he has no memories in middle school, and one the reasons why he treasured much his university life.

    • My Dear Tenshi, You forgot to translate… a bit part of “Chorus”, I think “the chorus” is a part important and “key” where asserts that this song is also for “someone” too,

      ☆ ☆ ♥ ☆ ☆ I think that “chours” of “in My dream” said: ” I CHANGED FLY FOR YOU ” Or “I CHANCED FLY FOR YOU”.

      Please hear it (video): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9ihl3S9qCsc

      chorus in time: 2:20 to 2:25…..” I CHANGED FLY FOR YOU ” Or “I CHANCED FLY FOR YOU”.

      ★★★ tenshi always making a good job.


  2. Thank you so much ! By knowing the lyrics while listening to the song had added a deeper emotion , feeling . Im happy for him that he is now very close in reaching his dream. he had achieved so much in 20 years! Dont worry Jang keun seuk, you have already flown so high, keep going, keep flying. =)

    • Yes..agree, thanks Tenshi..normal translation is hard enough, poetry is even harder if not the hardest because it’s always someone else emotion.
      Now that he got the love of so much eels he can fly even higher and higher powered by them..ZIKZIN prince your a genius, let it show

  3. beautiful song..its really show his passion to pursue his dream. just dont really get this line “My song which describes my happiness being with you” is “you” here refer to himself? the past jks?

    • I’m inclined to think he’s refering to his eels?
      the support, the love and believe of his eels makes him want to reach and show for more and more of his dreams. We’re removing the fear for him to reach higher compared to the past were he got so many setbacks, misunderstandings and unfair treatments..
      His dreams are big and plentiful and I can’t wait to see things unfolding in the near future : )
      He’s a genius

  4. If this is the original song written by Jang it means that he wants to share his dreams to every one, that no matter how hard dream can achieve but as long that you have faith in your heart miracles will come.Since the beginning of his journey being a star he still stand when ever he failed down, he did not show any weaknesses and regrets he keep on fighting no matter what and now after the “Rain” my dear Jang give shine to every one to show them how far he flying now and he deserve it.

    • Hi! I do not know. I also not found any article or interview saying that this song is written for Yoona. And looking at the translation, you can point out that lyrics are for him, narrating his 30 years experience in showbiz. And for me the phrase stating ” My song which describes my happiness being with you” are for those around him who always believe in him for whatever circumstance in that 20 years.

  5. Very beautiful words full of meaning .. and touching also. I can feel how much he has been trying until now. All his dreams almost coming true.. his happiness.. .. even he is sad and have some stress still very cheerful boy.. always upright . always bright like a diamond .. always hard working young man. Ohh I love this song . Thank you very much sis Tenshi for translation.I love u .

  6. I dont care whether he wrote the song for yoona or he was just recalling his past 20 years…the fact and most important thing is that, JKS sang it and sooooo damn beautifully…he is toooooo adorable and cute! But even though, thanks Tenshi for translations…doesnt matter if its perfect and precise or not, you really took a lot of troubles doing it…thanks a lot…JKS forever!

  7. I love reading the lyrics to all his songs. It means a.lot to know what he’s singing. I absolutely adore jks .such a talented yet still humble guy. Your dreams will all come true l know it you deserve it thanks tenshi.xx

  8. Good morning to everyone,❤️I just read this article , and all the comments , first I have to thank Sis Tenshi for the translations ,she always do such good work for all Eels ,updated news of our Prince appreciated very much ❤️❤️I think i don’t have to write any comments about this song bcx all the comments from you dear sis are what I wanted to say ! ❤️❤️I love JKS and all his achievements He is always a super star and singer and full of passions on everything and always so sincere and true to his fans , Zikzin our Prince your eels are always on your side ❤️❤️💋💋waiting for your healthy and happy return , Byebye everyone have a good day ❤️❤️

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