[Introduction] Team H members

UPDATE: adding some of their activity videos
As Team H reunited after years of separation according to the latest twitter, I post here to introduce them.

Team H was formed by Hanyang University students. They introduced themselves in the video below. Please check it out! 😉
Every member has a nickname on their T-shirt. Suk has ‘nachesama’ that means ‘Mr. naked’!

Credits: geniusamo

Below is some of their activity videos
Credits: JKSkizuna

Credits: coooxxxx

Credits: missCcsea

Credits: hubs1960

Personally I love this Sukkie soooooooo much… *sigh*

Credits: ystarchannel1

Credits: coooxxxx

Credits: kawaiifrog0216

Credits: ystarchannel1

Credit: Yeu2009

10 thoughts on “[Introduction] Team H members”

  1. Thanks sis tenshi chan for putting names on the pictures. I was so confused and curious of who and who when Sukkie tweeted earlier. Team H members are all handsome in their own ways. Kyaaa…..Sukkie looks like the odd ball out of them..coz of his hairstyle. Team H’s background is so touch and sweet story. Group of young men joining together doing good deeds for society.. What is there not to love???

  2. Kaori chan, WOW!!! a wonderful compilation of teamH here sharing here.. this is very useful for many eels who wants to find out more about TeamH.. Thanks for the sharing ^_^

  3. sukkie looked perfect without make up in the 5th video. really envy those hanyang female student who could interact with him like this

  4. Thank you very much indeed for this video and information loving it ,our PrinceJKS is a great guys full with energy,enthusiasm and so courageous to other thanks again Ms Tenshi

  5. Thank you for sharing Tenshi and for your hard work one more time. Those guys are awesome people. I’m happy they are close friends to Prince.


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