Beijing FM (17 Apr 2010) – Moved to tears

bnstg @ Youku (original video)
subtitles by Aphrael77 being translation from Chinese


Yes!! After a long painstaking, teeth-gnashing process (with much cursing and swearing) and also thanks to a friend who provided much useful advice, I finally learned how to subtitle!!!

Here are my first attempts subtitling the Beijing FM.
JKS does not have a DVD out for Beijing FM, right? So it means I can subtitle his interview segment and post them?

我終於學會怎麼做視頻字幕了﹗﹗真的是嘔心瀝血的學習過程… …

For video part 2,


8 thoughts on “Beijing FM (17 Apr 2010) – Moved to tears”

  1. Hi!
    I’ve seen , on YouTube a video made in JKS’s house in july 2010 made by jangkeunsukforever. I was made by you or something? Have you ever met JKS?

    • No, it’s not by me; have not been to Korea before and not met JKS before. Perhaps it’s someone with a similar name? I’ve seen the video too, but it was in Korean. Anyway, a tour of his house in whatever language is perfectly fine. JKS is really generous to the media and to the fans for allowing us to see his house – he’s such an open, warm-hearted guy. Would you like to send me the link so I can go see who has a similar name as my blog? 🙂

      • Hi!
        That video I have on my playlist, but if you have an acount on YouTube you can search for ‘mrsjangeunsuk'(this is the owner) and the title is simple : ‘Jang Geun Suk’s House’. And yes, you’re right, he was very gentle and open to the guests leading them through all his house giving also some funny detailes. I ‘ve also seen the videos from his last tour , from last year in Japan, from Osaka. It was interesting.See you!

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