10 thoughts on “[Pics] KBS “Love Rain” as Seo Joon in 2012”

  1. DROOLING!!!!!
    Seo Jun will you marry me?
    Ok i think am gonna die waiting for the 5 eps of 1970 to get over to see the sneering cold Seo Jun!!! lolz!!
    NOTE: I have it bad..please ignore me!!

  2. I’ve been amazed at each time i saw him
    how come he so beautiful like that ?!!
    wow, look at his earing
    just wanna watch this drama right now !
    omg, how many days do i have to wait !!! sign 🙁

  3. Thanks Tenshi for uploading these photos! From the look of these I’m already very excited how Sukkie would nail the two opposing characters. The In ha look of the 70’s gives me the recall of how Eun Ho of Hwang Jin Hi expressed his pure love, and wonders how he would express the Seo Joon character who seemed to be so rebellious as manifested in his new hairstyle with that rocker earrings. I’m rooting to the thought that Love Rain would give him the acting awards he he deserves.

  4. My attention was caught on the the description Seo Joon character in one the articles as homme fatale. Got too much excitement on how this fatal character would attract Ha Na and how Sukkie would expressed that love in the contemporary time.


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