27 thoughts on “LAWSON sales campaign for Mother’s Day”

    • Kaori chan.. I may get something also to bring home for my mum too ^_^ Is the Sukkie’s bread still selling at Lawson as I’m going in Apr 1st week… I haven’t told you yet but I would really want to meet you in Tokyo in person…

      • Kaori chan.. I will arrange with you next week when I confirmed some of the plans ok.. let me know if Sat or Sun is preferred day for us to meet ok.. I will accomodate to you as I’m travelling free and easy, do no fix schedule yet ^_^ (for follow up.. I will message you from ECI FB messaging..)

  1. Tenshi,
    I have some questions abt sukkie, if u don’t mind ^^
    Did Suk really do plastic surgery?
    What is his real birthday?
    And i also want to hear Sukkie story from you?
    Because i am the only one eel in my environment,
    I ask these questions not because of i am not believe in just want to creat bond with JKS,, whatever the answer is I will support him and love him and watch my star…
    love u tenshi

    • Whiteyesmile, I guess you are new eel right? ^_^ I would like to also share with you.. Sukkie is 100% natural.. he is always mistaken for plastic surgery for 2 main reasons.. one is from antis, one is he is too good in changing his image as a chameleon actor like some may think he has undergone surgery.. if you have seen all his dramas, you will soon understand what I mean as I become an eel fan of this artiste because I was “tricked” by his good acting 2 years ago as I didn’t know I was looking at the same actor when I watched on DVD Beethoven Virus & Hong Gil Dong…just watch these 2 dramas and YAB, all his images are different that you may think he is different person if I didn’t know about him… also, when Sukkie is not having any makeup when he is off screen and with his charming smile.. he looks like the one show in the twitter picture below http://jangkeunsukforever.com/?p=9783

      • Also.. here is a link to share with you which aphrael has translated to Eng the TV show Knee Drop Guru which features on Sukkie as special guest.. in this show last year, Sukkie has shared many of his real life stories himself.. from childhood to current.. you can find out a lot about him from this show, it is a highly recommended for new eel fans ^_^

      • Whiteeyesmile – it is very obvious Sukkie never had plastic surgery which is one of the reasons I like him. Both his upper eyelids look different and his nose is not that high if you notice from certain angles in his dramas. He has matured and lost the baby fat on his cheeks that’s all. His real birthday I believe is 26th Sept 1987 but his bio says 4th Aug which is the date on the Lunar calendar he was born. I find this blog to be the best one as other eels can give a lot of information about Sukkie. You can also google about him. Sukkie has been a model since he was 5, child actor, radio DJ, TV show host, MC, etc so there is a lot of video clips on Youtube on him. I especially like the behind the scenes because Sukkie is fun loving and always very entertaining. In Korea, babies are one year old when they are born so Sukkie is now referred to as 25 years old in Korea. Keep reading all the past articles here about Sukkie including all the comments from eels. After you find out more about him, you will find that it is addictive and very hard not to like this incredible person. Good luck!

      • Thank u, I feel so proud of Suk cause he has amazing eels, this is the first time in my life being fan of an actor, and i love the positive thinking of Suk and his eels, Thanks a lot QQ

      • hi whiteyesmile, nice to meet you here.^^

        one of the reasons why eels fall in love with keun suk more is because of their fellow eels who do not only support him, but also warmly and purely share the love and passion with co-eels, all for the love of keun suk.^^

        welcome to the eels’ pond. 😀 let’s get drowned here! hehe!

    • Thanks QQ and Wen for answering the question instead of me ^^

      whiteyesmile, I actually have the same idea with both two. I don’t think he’s natural-born beauty. I don’t mean he’s just good-looking. His heart is much more beautiful than his looks! It’s true that he was awarded as the prettiest kid and this award made him debut in showbiz. Like this, he’s been said good-looking for a long time, so I think he’s fed up with being said so. Especially in Korea, good-looking is considered as necessity to be a star, but he has it already. He told us before that he doesn’t look at mirror while making up now. He likes without makeup and I like it, too ^^ He can enjoy changing how he looks like under various occasions. About his birthday, we don’t have a custom to celebrate the lunar calendar in Japan. But officially his birthday is Aug. 4, 1987. So I just believe it’s his birthday.

      • Thank u tenshi,
        I love ur site a lot,
        if someone ask and tell me about Suk’s rumors, like plastic surgery, i have no words to answer, i can’t explain cause i don’t know it clearly, i don’t want to lie abt Suk,
        Now i know the truth, Thanks u
        But i can’t open knee guru show, I want to watch it cause everyone recommend this show …….

  2. Like whiteyesmile, I’m real curious why Sukkie has two birthdays, can anyone shed some light ? This is my first posting here, really appreciate the efforts from the contributors on this blog …. With all the in depth postings, I have a better understanding of Suk and am now a true blue eel !

    • I’m not sure because we Japanese don’t use the lunar calender so often…
      But I’ll share my idea below.

      I don’t only Sukkie has two birthdays. People living in countries which still use the lunar calender as well as the solar (Gregorian) calendar has two birthdays. I heard especially about celebration these countries still use the lunar calender, so he officially use Aug. 8, 1987 as his birthday.
      — the solar calender: Sept. 26, 1987
      — the lunar calender: Aug. 8, 1987
      And the lunar calender changes every year. For example, “Sept. 26 in 2012” is set as “Aug.11, 2012”. So he usually celebrates his birthday throughout August. He said it’s his birthday month.

  3. Kaori Chan, since his birthday falls on Lunar Calendar – 4 Aug 1987, then this year 2012 his Lunar Calendar 4 Aug 2012 falls on Solar Calendar 19 September 2012.

    In Malaysia/Singapore, Chinese celebrate Solar Calendar birthday which will be our official birthdate. Although we do not follow the Lunar Calendar which will be celebrated together by our parents.

    By right, the whole world, we celebrate Solar Calendar – birthday. So JKS’s official birthday in our custom should be 26 September every year. Lunar 4 Aug 2012 will be celebrated together with his family.


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