4 thoughts on “[Fan-made] “Prinice in Hokkaido” video”

  1. Hi fellow JKS fans,

    I have a couple of official JKS merchandise and his albums for sale.
    Items for sale are not for profitable venture. Prices quoted will be the price at the point I purchased the items. Most items were bought during the 2011 Jang Keun Suk Cri Show in Singapore and the rest were from the official website (I got someone to import it for me),etc.
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    Would appreciate if Aphrael you are able to help me put up a post of this.. Thank you!

  2. Thanks Kaori Chan, it is such a beautiful place. I love how Sukkie played with eels there, he threw a snow ball at them which only him know so well how to shorten the distance with eels. It was so adorable and lovely.

  3. Wow!! Hokkaido is such a nice place ….

    Wonderful to see Sukkie happily smiling in the tent with his new hairstyle ^^
    Envy the blue eels can see him even though from a distance away …..


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