16 thoughts on “[Video] U-gata TV_20120302 (no-subbed)”

  1. Shooting pics and vids are strictly prohibited, so Japanese eels don’t break the rule… Besides, where he’s shooting is also not revealed. So eels are usually wandering vaguely.

      • “The lady” means the TV reporter?
        She went to sushi restaurant where Sukkie went, “Fuku-zushi”. And she sat the same seat as him, and ate the same menu. Sukkie didn’t eat rice omelet, but she wanted him to eat it. She failed to glimpse Sukkie in person, so she said to try to see him during his stay in Hokkaido. She said that she became his eel this time ^^

      • Kaori chan & Farina, Thanks so much for sharing these vids.. really touched to see Japanese eels trying to locate Sukkie’s filming site to support him and also to those restaurant that he went to and eat the food he tried.. I wonder if the cup with Sushi is a merchandise at WPS, lol! ^_^

  2. i think…it’s the hairstyle is too stylish for a photographer (seo jun), seo jun should be a model instead. well, let’s see him with professional camera…

  3. Thank you so much Kaori Chan to share these pic and vid, I kind of get idea that any shooting for the drama will be under protected, of course. So glad that we can see him a little bit off the camera from the drama, because we miss him so much.

    Thanks in millions.

  4. His hairstyle is not as short as I have imagined….
    Only the fringe towards the side??

    If im there ….no matter how also will try my very best to locate him hahaha

  5. Waaaaa it is sooo crazy… So much love, he is so lucky. All those smiles and tears of happines….
    Sukkie U R AMAZING ♥

  6. Sukkie brought so much loy and excitement wherever he goes! I’m so excited to see him again in Love Rain. The new hairstyle has similarity with Hwang Taekyung’s hair? He is really amazing…


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