12 thoughts on “[Video] BTS of MV can’t stop.. LOUNGE H”

  1. I love them as a team. They are just so talented. I hope they continue to partner up in the future even when they are working on seperate projects. I really want to see more of Big Brother. He’s just so HOT! (I’ve said that a few times already but its true). I’m just so glad that they partnered up because their individual talents really do compliment each other.

  2. can’t wait to watch the full MV!! I also agree Andrea. Both of them compliment each other, I mean, none of them outshines the other. And both of them are so talented, sexy, and crazy (kkk..that’s the best part)!

  3. I uploaded the vid on our secret channel, “jkseelsbond”.
    If you still don’t know how to access, please leave your comment here.

      • *UPDATE (June 3rd): password has changed in June!!! Below is a new password.
        I upload them on YT as a private mode.
        To watch them, you have to login with the account below.
        ID: jkseelsbond / PWD: princeofasia
        Then, click the link above. Enjoy!!!!

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