How to watch the time-shift of Team H special live (2012.02.21)

I’m not sure it works… If you signed up NICO NICO LIVE and booked it as a time-shift, I think it’s the entrance of the time-shift. Please try to click the right box “タイムシフト視聴する” and login.

6 thoughts on “How to watch the time-shift of Team H special live (2012.02.21)”

    • When you click the button above, I think you have to log in again. Then you’ll watch the live below the screen… I hope.

  1. Kaori chan, though I can’t watch the concert Live just now, just by hearing the comments from our eel sisters already made me excited.. I’m waiting for the Tokyo Dome concert DVD and now another one on the list… really great concert ^_^
    Thanks so much for sharing with all eel sisters the step by step instructions…I believe those who have seen it live on webcast will enjoy it.. I’m still trying the timeshift thing.. hope i can get it.. I got the here actually..with the small window replaying all teamH MV..

      • Kaori chan, thanks… is the concert broadcast rerun a few times over the webcast? I’m still at the link which is showing the replaying of TeamH MV “Gotta Getcha” and the teamH teaser released today..

      • QQ, I don’t think so… it was a special live, so I can’t download it in an ordinary way as the same as other NICO NICO videos… T_T

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