9 thoughts on “columned ads of Team H debut!”

  1. Wow, this site is busy today, so is JKS.

    To a certain extent, the controversies proved to be a blessing in disguise since there seems a more conscious effort to assert his popularity now, from him and his agency. I’m neither from South Korea nor Japan, but I feel that he is just everywhere. (Maybe it could be that I have his app, and I check it every 30 mins.)

    And that is good for us. I heart JKS updates. Thank you!

  2. amazing! everywhere in japan could see sukkie !
    at haneda airport, we can see Suk’s makkori ads.
    at Omotesando, we can see Lounge H ads
    at billboard, we can see codes combine ads
    even in bus, we can see qiip ads.
    i wish i live in Japan…it’s like a heaven! sukkie heaven!

    • Recently his TBC ads have been posted in the train, so whenever I got on trains, I check if there are ads. After finding it, I stand in front of it and stare it until my destination ^^

      • Tenshi, i know how that feels ^o^
        when i was in Tokyo last Nov, his ads for TBC (the one on the keys) was in the train too…..i was always searching for it when i board the train…once i saw it…but it was in the next car…and the train was really crowded….i had to slowly move my way there as people get down…but finally got to the spot where i finally stood in front of the ad!! i missed my Shibuya station, but i was already happily taking picture of the ad ^^ it was a happy experience for me

  3. Fabulous! What a great view! Me too, Cajuputee, I wish I live in Japan, I could wandering around there just for staring at that eagle eyes of my prince..^_^
    Thanks for sharing tenshi!!


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