Team H special live will be webcast on Feb. 21

In commemoration of the debut of Team H in Japan, their special live for JKS Japan Official Fan Club members were planned secretly. But according to the news, about 50,000 fans signed up for the event even though the seats are only 4,000… Yesterday the Japan Official Fan Club agent, Frau announced that they decided to webcast this event on NICO NICO LIVE.

Watching the live, you have to sign up as a NICO NICO LIVE membership. I’m not sure if this live can be watched abroad, so please test it using other content in advance.

I introduced the procedure how to sign up it before. I hope it works. But don’ forget the site link of this event isn’t the same as the article below. Just checking the procedure of it and access the right link.
Check the procedure how to sign up the membership
Access the special page of Team H live webcast

You can enter the live page on Feb 21 at 17:20 (Japan local time), 10 minutes before the program begins. The program will starts at 17:30 (not mentioned when it ends). But I heard the show will start around 18:30, so some promotional video will be webcast before the show begins. The site said they don’t promise the whole live will be webcast. I think it’s reasonable because it’s the special event only for official members. But even if we can glimpse it, I’m happy 🙂

And also you can book the live and watch it later (but only once, be careful!), using the feature called “タイムシフト予約 (time-shift)”. You can watch it from 30 minutes to a week after the show ends. I think you can check the exact deadline on the web.

While watching NICO NICO LIVE, the viewer can comment about it. It’s one of their unique features, but sometimes displaying too many messages are annoying. You can hide them, clicking the “COMMENT” button below the screen.

I’m sorry I’m not so familiar with this site. So I’m still not sure we can watch it without problems… but I hope some of you can watch it on the Internet!

P.S. NICO NICO LIVE has two types of membership, Free and Paid. Of course, paid membership has many privileges. If so many people access the site at one time, it’s had to enter the site live. But even if it happens so, you can use the time-shift feature. I recommend you living abroad to use this feature.

15 thoughts on “Team H special live will be webcast on Feb. 21”

  1. Kaori-chan, you’re so wonderful!!!!! Even though I’m not sure if we can access the live webcast, your sharing abt its possibility is greatly appreciated!

  2. thank you sis kaori…i registered and think i clicked time shift…though have no idea if am registered lolz lets see on feb 21 kekekeke!!!!

  3. Thank you so much for the help with the site. I registered for the time shift too. Hopefully it will work! I am very excited to see even just a little piece of the event. Can’t wait!!!!!!

  4. too bad i don’t know how to register since everything is written in Japanese. but for those who has…enjoy it.really envy u guys. hope prince and big bro Kurt will come to Malaysia soon

    • Hi Lisa, did you check the procedure above? I wrote it in English and others succeeded to sign up. I hope you try it again.

    • i even successfully registered twice!
      the 1st one when i watched let me cry video, i check on that website, and didn’t remember my passwd & email, so i registered for the 2nd time to watch tomorrow lounge H. but i can’t find time switch menu. please help!

      • cajuputte, after you resistered, access the site.

        Then you can see the gray box on the right. And the button says,”タイムシフト予約”. Right? Click the button, then it changes the label to “タイムシフト予約済”.

        After the webcast, you can watch it using time-shift.

        I’m not sure, but probably after log-in and access my page, you’ll watch it. The link below is my page.

        I’ll help you more after the webcast because my understanding might be wrong… 🙁

      • so actually that’s my “my page”! Yes i did it! thanks so much Tenshi!
        yes i see it too (“TEAM H(チャン・グンソク×BIG BROTHER)ファンクラブ限定ライブ…”). can’t wait for tomorrow, i hope the streaming is smooth!

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