6 thoughts on “[27.1.2012] jksjapan Twitter”

  1. @tenshi: have you personally tried both flavors of bread?? can you share with us how they taste when you have the time? thanks ^^

      • i can imagine they sell out fast 🙂 sorry one more question Tenshi, is this bread for limited period only, or it will be selling for while, do you know? ^^

      • hazy, I’m not sure, but I’m afraid it’s seasonable products. I hope I can get before it ends.

      • oohh….i am praying hard it is not seasonable so i get to taste it when i go Tokyo this coming April…..some of the gals had even placed orders for me to bring the bread back for them (they even don’t mind if the bread is moldy!!!) LOL!!!

        I hope you get to taste the coffee flavor too…i wonder which flavor Suk prefers ^o^

      • Hazy, otoke!!!

        More wanna try the bread after seeing Sukkie eat!!! Argggg hope you can get it during April.

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