The original song “Mandy” by Barry Manilow

Credits: jordan1467900

Probably this information has been already known to eels here. But until today didn’t know the reason why the song he’s singing in YMP in English names “Mandy” and the song he’s singing in Korean names “Oh My lady”. This is the original song “Mandy” sang by Barry Manilow and it was a big hit in 1974. You can contrast this song with Sukkie’s two version. I think they’re different but all great!

Credits: bettinafr
“Mandy” by JKS (English version)

Credits: cuteosean tamu
“Oh My Lady” by JKS (Korean version)

4 thoughts on “The original song “Mandy” by Barry Manilow”

  1. Sukkie’s version is sweet!! The original version sings with so much emotion..also great!! But I like Sukkie’s fresh voice. I also like Westlife version…. so to sum it… I like this song…kekeke


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