10 thoughts on “[Pics] YMP greeting session on Jan. 20. 2012”

  1. I wanted to go, but the participants were selected in a lottery… 🙁 I really like this appearance. I have funny feeling when I see he acts Momo in this manly looks.

  2. seeing him with pony tail, i’d like to see him again in Sageuk k-drama!
    naughty and smiling proud wanderer hero bringing sword around… ^^

    • how can a man with that hairstyle were cute and manly at a time? sugoii
      anyway, the background song is “hey girl” suk vers in japanese…i want it!! *searching link to download

    • Thanks QQ! I want to subtitle this, but this video looks dangerous… I mean some videos are too strict to upload YT. As soon as trying to upload, some videos are failed as a copyright violation…

      In this interview, Sukkie said that he learned how to behave as a pet from Suni. He took a memo about how the pet (Suni) tries to entertain the master (Sukkie). It’s funny.

      • Kaori-chan, a BIG THANK YOU in advance… I was also wondering why Sukkie shaking his legs on stage as that is so funny too! oh yes… may be can put a copy to mediaring too for sharing after sub ^_^

      • QQ, the reason he shook his legs was the response to the MC. At first he asked Sukkie if he was nervous because it was a greeting session on stage, quite different from his fan meeting. Then Sukkie replied that he had an experience of attending a greeting session in Japan. It was when “One Missed Call: Final” was released. After that, MC said, “That means you aren’t nervous at all.” Then Sukkie replied, “No, it’s different from that time. I’m actually nervous.” To hear Sukkie’s answer, MC said, “That’s why your legs look shaking.” After that, Sukkie shook his legs mischievously. haha :p

        The translation was not accurate, because I just write a rough translation not watching the video. Please ask me if you need more explanation.

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