[News] Verbal Jint narrated JKS documentary

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Verbal Jint narrated JKS documentary and proved their friendship again.

According to Brand New Music, Verbal Jint was the narrator of KBS2 documentary “The central role of new Hallyu stars, Jang Keun Suk” and it proved their friendship. Their friendship has developed since JKS revealed that he became a fan of Verbal Jint after listening to his 4th album “go easy” in 2011.

JKS invited him as a guest at his Tokyo Dome performance in November and then JKS made a guest appearance on stage of Verbal Jint in December. In this way they have built intimacy. In the documentary Verbal Jint utilized his unique and attractive voice in narration. It became another present for whom knew their friendship. In spite of long periods of recording, Verbal Jint enjoyed himself and said, “I admire him again as I felt when I was at Tokyo Dome. I’m happy to join this documentary which shows real JKS and his success.”

4 thoughts on “[News] Verbal Jint narrated JKS documentary”

  1. Kaori-chan, thanks for sharing this as I didn’t realise that.. I’m happy for Sukkie has he has found new friends along the way.. In fact, on first introduction of Verbal Jint, I find he is a sincere & talented artiste, like a big brother to Sukkie.. same as Big Brother Kurt, Sukkie has such good friendship with BB that I feel happy for him too ^_^ I enjoy their onstage rapport as well as offstage friendship..

  2. wow…. so, that’s Verbal Jint’s voice!
    indeed unique and attractive. i admit it!
    i’m happy to know that JKS made friends with his idol one by one.

  3. Another good friend! These kind of news make me the happiest! I felt it was a familiar voice and then one eel pointed out that it sounds like verbal jent -ssi . I felt he’s a really good person. I’m glad sukkie have him as a friend. Sukkie and friends FIGHTING!

    • I never doubted JKS sincerity and this news brought joy to my heart that he get to know and befriend w/ people who are as passionate as him..JKS is a true artist on its broad definition!!


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