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English translation: tenshi_akuma


In his latest movie JKS became a pet of a female senior
Jang Keun Suk, he is the very person who has captivated Japanese women’s hearts. He broke through as a star after broadcasting TV drama ‘You Are Beautiful’ and since then he has succeeded in his career as a singer as well as an actor. In fact, he just finished his first performance at Tokyo Dome in November successfully. In his latest movie ‘You’re My Pet (YMP)’ based on Japanese comic, JKS played Kang In Ho, a pet as well as a young prospective dancer, living under the same roof with a career woman, Ji Eun who is not good at love.


JKS came in for ELLE interview with smile which brings out our motherly instincts. The way he spoke Japanese fluently represented his cuteness, and we were sometimes confused if he was In Ho or JKS.

“The role of In Ho is full of JKS. Lol. He is the most similar character to me in all characters I’ve played… no, strictly speaking, In Ho may be completely myself. So that I requested the director to act freely and he approvingly adopted my improvisation,” JKS said. While talking, JKS looked much cuter than his age. He was like a real puppy when he had played in YMP scenes such as he was shivering because of rain and he whined in front of Ji Eun. Besides. JKS himself was a surprisingly open person.

“On the other hand, I also have a sadistic side. Lol. Every human has different colors of personality. I have black side as well as red or white ones. So does In Ho. He hasn’t been only her pet throughout YMP. He has a manly side. The big difference between the original YMP and this movie was our relationship between master and pet. The master halfway came to wait for her pet. In Ho is a man who makes as much efforts as he can to pursue his dream, job and goal.”


What do you think about the love which has been started as the relation between a master and her pet?
“In Korea there are few couples who live under the same roof before their marriage, so it is unlikely to happen to me. However, it may happen if I love her from the beginning…?” This is where he began to use expression ‘to love someone’ many times. That means we glimpsed his manly side. “I believe what the most important thing in life is ‘sincerity’. So I don’t care how old she is when I love her, rather care about her personality more than her age.”


Besides, he added his comment about how he feels about senior women. “As for me, mature women are those who enjoy both jobs and love, and have a lot of experience. They seem to protect junior men like YMP. But I am the man who wants to take initiative about love. As I am a man, I protect my loved one!” He didn’t hesitate to declare that. We wish Japanese ‘herbivorous’ men would follow his manly attitude.

He was very surprised to hear that there are many people who don’t or can’t love someone in Japan. “Why can’t they love? As for me, ‘to love someone’ is the most important thing. It reminds me when I heard that there are many Japanese couples who don’t say ‘I love you’ to each other. I wonder why they don’t say so because I believe couples get married because they love each other. My parents say to each other, ‘I love you’ almost everyday. I’ve found the way they express their love to the other beautiful since my childhood. So I will say to my loved one, ‘I love you’ everyday. Definitely!”


My dream will never finish. I will continue to set a new dream.
After his exclusive interview, we invited Kim Ha-neul to our interview. JKS said to us mischievously, “She taught me how passionate we should kiss.” As soon as she heard his words, she replied, “Don’t play with me. I just accepted your way.” We all laughed out loud at their dialogue. Their relationship looked really like one in YMP!

And we glimpsed the moment when JKS changed into a pet with his arm around her waist. In this way he transforms himself into boyish sex or male sex freely. He must have an excellent command of such transformation though we don’t know if he realized this power. He smiles as if he were an innocent child. On the other hand, he also shows us his coolest eyes as an adult. And we are captivated by him easily. We realize that this is his charm and secret of his popularity.

Kim Ha-neul describes JKS as follows. “He is more energetic than all other Korean actors. So just being with him makes me cheer-up and I feel I can perform better than usual. Even if his schedule is packed, he always enjoys acting. This is also one of his strong points.”

In fact, this interview was held just after he had finished his performance at Tokyo Dome and returned to Korea. In spite of his tight schedule, he attended a university before our interview. By next year he will have worked in showbiz for twenty years. He’s broken through as a star, but he doesn’t change himself at all. And his dreams continue without end. “I can’t still believe that my dream from a child to perform at Tokyo Dome came true. But now I am thinking to set a next dream. I hope that I can translate it into reality in the near future. I will continuously set and tackle my dreams.” JKS will proceed to the new dream with rush of hope and shining eyes. What kind of the new world will he show us next if we follow him? We must see a world beyond our imaginings.


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  1. Thanks for the translation, tenshi!~ I knew JKS is a man who worked well towards his goal and this is why I took him as my role model! A man of dreams!~ He is a different idol who make us learn with him… grow with him…Hope to also find a man who can say ‘I love u’ to me everyday too…

  2. Tenshi-chan, our Angel is back. First, Welcome back home to you. Thank you…thank you…million more thanks for translate another great JKS’ article/interview. This article is so wonderful. It shows all positive sides and charms about Sukkie. In real life, he’s cute as a pet, yet….become manly when it comes to love or to protect his loved one. Lol what’s a dream man!!! How many times did I said I love..love…love him. Countless time!!! Sukkie is born to captivate women’s hearts…young and old, married and unmarried. I don’t remember when did I become captivate by him. All I know now is…..I’m soo trapped in his eels’ pond!! And have no desire to get untrapped ever. Lol talking about fan crazy love… scary and at the same time feel motivated and excited.

    For JKS, I will follow you to the “new world”, please continue to be Great Actor, Singer, and specially Great Person. World Prince. Fighting!!!

  3. thanx a lot tenshi akuma! love the interview….his each word, each sentence abt love and setting dreams are as if coming out from my mind! as i always say he’s my inspiration for setting goals and accomplish them by working hard and enjoying the work at the same time. He always shows and convinces me that there’s nothing impossible in this world, just we need to believe, strive and achieve our dream/goal!!!! …..as for love relationship, in my opinion, when two ppl love each other, there’re a lots of ways expressing love rather than by saying “i love u” so often!…well, this is just my personal opinion……. nevertheless, i would love to hear “love u” from Suk everyday/ hour/minute/second cuz he’s special for me!!!!! and his manly words about being protective of his loved woman….ohh ..that makes my heart beat soo fast!!!! LOL!! ^_^

  4. thanks tenshi for sharing with us another wonderful interview from JKS… no wonder he grew up as a beautiful person ‘coz his parents show to him how they loved each other.. with such loving environment is where he gets his positive outlook in life and became a cheerful person.. GO JKS DREAM BIG!!! your eels will never abandon you… we will wait until you become a WORLD PRINCE..

  5. Kaori-chan, thanks for the translation of another wonderful interview with Sukkie.. I can feel many times the interviewers are his eels or will become his eels after each interview ^_^

  6. Thanks Tenshi, again, marvelous job on translating and also I fell in love with Sukkie all over again. Is funny, during Christmas we went to friends parties, family parties, etc.. I think now everybody know me well knows that I am an JKS’s fan and I love Korean dramas. I was proud of it and I know they think that’s funny and sometimes they tease me, but I don’t care, I still show how much I love him. I still tell how amazing he is. I have one co-worker who like to share the thoughts about Korean dramas with me, she is not an eel, but she is kind of getting an idea from me how great Sukkie is, so she starts to pay more attention to him and like to see things about him. 🙂 Veeeeeeeeeeeee. I’m a good eel. Lol. Happy New Year to you Kaori-Chan and all other eels here. Besides my family, Sukkie is my daily dose of happiness and inspirations. I hope that will never end.

    • Sukkiefan. I’m applauding you!! Clap..clap..clap… Indeed you’re one of the great eels, specially in this blog. can I give you kisses and huges for your courage to display JKS’ public of affection yet again. You had always been a great ambassador of JKS. lol…. you must have converted a lot of people to Eels by now, right? Love you story you had share here and there about Sukkie. Please continue to share.

      Happy News’ year everyone!!!!

  7. Thankyou so much Kaori-chan 🙂 He is such an optimistic and admirable guy! He keeps climbing up the ladder and even if he falls a few steps he doesn’t lose hope and keep going on….. I hope even though people don’t become his eel, at least they will admire his person and acknowledge the inspiration he gives to them. If he’s ever going into politics, he will be a very valuable asset to his his nation!

    • Farina…please…no..no..politics life for Sukkie; then Sukkie’ll only belong to Korea. I want him to belong to the World as a wonderful artiste….kekeke

    • very nice words farina,and ur right you can’t help but to admire his outlook in life.Last monday,me & my friend were talking bwt Prince,because she saw me watching his T.D concert,she asked me why his hair is like that,then I explained to her the theme of the concert,she sat beside me and said,he’s cute and he sings very well..Then I told her,he produced his own concert and donated the proceeds(most likely) to the victims of tsunami,donated money to his school etc..Then yesterday,I went to her office,her officemate teased me of being a JKS fan,then my friend whisper,”her Idol JKS is very kind,he donates money to his school,he’s very sweet to his fans and he’s one of the richest Star among his generation”,,I felt so touched..I’m glad that she see’s beyond JKS pretty face and appreaciate the goodness of him..

      thank you teshi for the translation,,aside from dancing,acting & singing,what I look forward to JKS was his interviews..I can’t get enough of it,because he was too good to be true..I was under his spell everytime I read beautiful interview like this..Love him forEver!!!

    • Farina ^_^ It’s funny that I also think like you that Sukkie will do well as politician but like many eel friends here, I don’t want him to go into politics as really too complicated and it is better to remain in entertainment line which he is comfortable with.. though also a complicated industry but compared to politics, it is better…

  8. Thanks a lot, everyone here … Aphrael, Farina, Tenshi who contribute, translate and those who giving comments and vids … I saw and enjoy reading all your comments. I really enjoy myself at this blog. Never failed to read and sometimes so funny and amusing. Feels like a family. Continue.. dear…
    Agree with you, Kailey. I don’t want him to be involved in politics otherwise we will not get to see his shows. At least, I want JKS and us eels get to watch his dramas until when we are old together. I hope to be a faithful eel by then.

    • This TV program was broadcast today. I’ve already been thinking to subtitle it though I didin’t watch it. I’m out now, so wait for a while 🙂

  9. thanks tenshi for the translation. And of course Aphrael for providing eels with the latest from Sukkie.Honestly, job well done.And as usual, yet another enjoyable reading ! Sukkie always brings joy and happiness where ever he is ! Praying only the best for him yet to come in future !!!

  10. once again, a showcase of his wit and charm. i like that he is a very headstrong person; he’s not the kind of person to stop at anything just because there are hurdles along the way. i admire his being goal-oriented, he will not always be satisfied with what he has achieved and will keep on reaching for higher goals. with the kind of outlook and personality he has, he will sure go a long way and reach goals higher than he expected.

    his multi-faceted personality is what endears him to all his eels. you never know what to expect from him. he always comes up with the most unique, sometimes “absurd”, ideas but he manages to pull them off because of his equally unique personality. his sincerity, humility, and character are what make him totally different and very special!

  11. Thank you so much for the translation Tenshi. I just love his interviews. He is always honest and I love that the interviewer saw him transform before their eyes and to see him charm which we already know all about LOL. I agree it is important to tell your loved ones you love them all the time. I tell my mom I love her every time I leave the house and I sign off on emails that I love her. I don’t tell everyone that I love them but people that are important in my life and important to my happiness I always make a point of saying “I love you”. My mom and I joke and I will say Love you Mom and she says back Love you Too which I respond with I said it first!. Its a joke between us but sometimes she doesn’t it first. I don’t have any relationship with a man anymore but I do believe if I did I would make a point of saying I love you because its important that people know that they are loved because it helps with their self esteem.

  12. Thank you very much I had an feeling You are my pet character was more closer to his character ..Seriously I love it ( my character is woman ,child )


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