[News] NO.1 DVD sales on idol/image category in 2011


According to the news “The annual sales ranking on images in 2011” ORICON announced, JKS’ first photo book and DVD “THE ROMANCE JPLUS PHOTOGRAPH COLLECTION LIMITED” (released in July) sold 24,000 sets a year and won the first prize on the idol/images DVD category. It’s been five years since foreign stars, Kwon Sang-woo in 2006, won this category.

JKS’ dramas “You Are Beautiful (YAB)” and “Marry me, Mary” have won a big market in Japan. He has appeared on various magazines. He has a lot of female fans in Japan. Usually on this category female stars win the first prize. The last time when male stars won was “My color” by Takeru Sato in 2008.

Besides, his one of the best works “YAB deluxe Blu-ray (BD) Disc box2” sold 16,410 sets and won the first prize on the drama BD category. And “YAB deluxe Blu-ray (BD) Disc box1” sold 16,080sets and won the second prize on the drama BD category.

* JKS message: I won the first prize on Oricon chart! Thanks for your supporting. I’m Jang Keun Suk!!

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  1. I love that cartoon he drew…kekeke So cute and childish…reminds me of my habit..i used to dram labybirds wen ever i write a msg..dunno but recently have stopped…LOL mayb now i shall start drawing eels hahahaha!!!

    • haha! at first look, yes!

      love how he recognizes and celebrates this kind of achievement! so proud and yet not intimidating. merely happy.

      • i agree,and he knows how to appreciate the love we gave to him=) I will give you my power Hug Sukkie..Congratulation!!!

  2. Yay! for Sukkie. I just ordered is photobook and expecting it sometime next month (apparently my order from yesasia has caused a few delays.. oops LOL). Super excited because I ordered Lounge H as well.. and MMM drama and both OST (even though already download most of it I want a real copy). Also ordered a few other things that aren’t about Sukkie but umm… I don’t want him to know who I’m crushing on besides him. He is first and foremost in my heart! Now I just have to wait for more of his products to become available on yesasia. I have a need to expand my collection and its hard to do that for a poor suffering American. LOL I’m feeling sorry for myself and my unfortunate birth on the wrong continent.

  3. Wishing all eels here Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays.. sharing also here a vid created by Taiwanese eel with clips of Sukkie’s lovely Budapest Diary in the Christmas MV.. see all emotions of Sukkie in the clips & also get a glimpse of him with his guitar & riding a bike along countryside…
    Thanks for Sarah for sharing this in Eels’ club ^_^


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