[16.12.2011] Pics taken by Japanese YMP staff

Credits: KimipeMovie

This is the latest pic taken during the interview.
For another pic,

And Sukkie always drinks coffee during the interview.
This is a picture of his paper cup. Oh, it still remains coffee… \(//∇//)

25 thoughts on “[16.12.2011] Pics taken by Japanese YMP staff”

  1. I would hv snatched that cup, drink the remaining coffee, and make sure I run my lips all around the rim! Oh and of course that cup would be my most treasured item!

    • Be careful if you try to do before serving the coffee. It may be served other staff. I recommend you to doing after it is served. It is more assured to succeed an indirect kiss! lol.

      • It reminds me of the scene he did in YMP, kissing the lipstick mark left by khn…yes, an indirect kiss…. so romantic, sigh…

    • hahaha,u made me laugh again president..But mind you,I will do the same thing as you If given a chance,^_^..The interview,where it was held,Korea or Japan?

  2. love the HTK look here! i hope we get to see excerpts of that interview. i totally enjoy reading his interviews. he is always so funny and very witty!

      • thanks for your concern, tenshi! we eels here in manila, the nation‘s capital located at the northern part of the country aren‘t affected much. we just had occassional rainshowers. the biggest damage and casualties are at the southern part of the country. it‘s really so sad especially when x‘mas is just around the corner. 🙁

    • i am praying for my fellow filipinos back home as well. so sad the typhoon is on its way to wreck havoc into our country on days before christmas.
      thanks for your concern 🙂
      on the brighter note…sukkieeee!!! you are sooo cute! 🙂

    • LOL…Well that particular cup definately looks like Americano. I don’t know, I love him dearly, but I’m weird about coffee so don’t know if I would drink his. But I probably would place my lips on the cup, sigh, go weak in the knees, might pass out by thought of being in the same room as he was, die thinking of breathing the same air. Not really sure.

  3. Dear eels.. I was busy with Christmas shopping recently as last weekend so cannot join for long hours.. hope this new vid below which I saw today (created by a cute Japanese eel.. I always remember this eel fan who relate Sukkie to Bambi in Disney character due to his slim & long legs.. similar to deer).. have a MERRY CHRISTMAS & HAPPY NEW YEAR ahead.. For our eel friends in Philippines.. I saw the Typhoon on news too.. hope things will turn better soon before Christmas… take care!

    • This one I have seen it also.. I can translate this but it will be taking a bit longer.. I will try to summarise & translate in the comment later, ok?


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