[13.11.2011] Hallyu Fondue

Credits: JKSgogo

I’m sorry there is no subtitles, but I think most parts are understandable.
You can see his singing Korean national anthem and the guidance DVD of YMP released on Dec. 7, 2011 was introduced. Check out around at 3:35! \(//∇//)


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    • atetweet, this DVD is just a promotional one, so it is named as the guidance DVD. In Japan some movies, not only Korean but also Japanese and Hollywood ones, sometimes sell them before showing the movies. The purpose is to make people’s mind watch YMP more and more. And needless to say, the production agency expects the sales of it. Honestly, I can’t afford it now…

  1. eels, question, off topic. is there an English-subbed version of sukkie‘s “2011 asia tour last in seoul“ DVD? if there is, does any of you know if it is sold in CD stores in korea, or is it only available in online stores? my niece‘s korean friend is coming for a visit next month and i‘d like to ask him to buy the DVD for me (so i get to save on shipping charges. hehe…) 😉

      • oh, that’s too bad. 🙁 thanks, carol!

        he’s very popular and has a huge following in japan. i read somewhere that he has opened 3 stores in 3 different cities there (the last one was in nagoya) that sells his DVDs and other products, but i’m not sure how true this is.

      • @atetweet… the 2nd paragraph above was in answer to your question. failed to address it to you… 😉

    • browneyes88, a while ago tree-J company twitter announced the news about the DVD. I failed to see the news because of my browser. IE is avail he best browser to access there. Visit the site right now! If you’re not the free member of the site, you have to sign up at first.

      • @farina..wow,,he’s on #6 spot..I wish that philippine media could also feature JKS,,but since N.R just opened branches in our country then hopefully he can visit soon..Anyway he appeared in “Philippine Star”newspaper in connection to opening ceremony of N.R.,if F.T Island and Kim Hyun Joong was able to reach phil. soil then no doubt JKS will be coming soon..Gotta be positive about this..^_^

      • so happy for keun suk 😀

        @charlotte: he was featured early this year in Yahoo Phil, if i remember it right, the feature was about the “1000 faces of Jang Keun Suk”. But i’m not sure if he has been included in the daily trends of Yahoo Phil. 0_0

      • @ione he’s been included in yahoo trend here in the philippine latter last year or early this year… can’t remember but he was on #10 spot..

    • got it girl,,thanks!! I will advise you this evening,I will ask my friend but its better if @carol(malaysia) can teach you how,co’z she said she’s familiar to sending DVD copy through mail..pls carol help our “ione”..thank you!!

      • charlotte, I think you got the wrong person coz I’m not the expert of sending DVD by mail
        Sorry, so far I have not sent any

      • I can’t believe that I missed that Philippine Star Issue. When was that?
        Yeah, you’re right Baek Seung Jo was here and he was well received. I am very sure that when Kang Moo Gyeol comes, a lot of Filipino eels will be out to give him a very warm welcome. I sure hope it will be soon.

      • @browneyes88,,girl can you please help @ione how to upload it so she can share/email it to us,,pleasee…

  2. oh I love that big “muwhaa”. His smile and kiss are healing. Thanks Aphrael. Really miss him on twitter, but I did there were two new message in APP. Hope he will keep updating that.

  3. Ah. You are right pretty much easy to figure out if you watch. LOL. Funny thing is I used to understand Japanese pretty well when I was younger and obsessed with Anime most of which was bootleg video tapes, not subbed or dubbed, that my brother brought home from comicbook store he worked at. I don’t understand it well anymore and could never hold a conversation. Just well enough to get an idea what they say so I could never really explain it. Same thing is happening with me and Korean. I am starting to understand basically what they say but couldn’t interpret it or hold a conversation. Anyway, back to the video. Yeah, loved 3:35 *GRIN*

  4. Wanna make you guys green…. My friend came back from korea tour today and he got me Sukkie’s mug and 2012 calendar!!! And all I asked for was just snapshots of Sukkie’s posters/ standee 🙂 🙂 🙂

  5. Lucky you Farina! I guess my mission next week is to find JKS mug & 2012 Calendar 🙂 although i have a 2012 calendar already lol 🙂

  6. umm,Prince tweeted again..”트윗 폭파 빠이크리 ..내 아이디 사칭하지말길 바래~~안늉 우리 회사 건물엔 드디어 현수막이 뚜둥”,,is this goodbye??T_T

    • really? Did he???…ah… i’ve already deactivated my account yesterday after he did ( i thought he closed up). So it means he’s still on twitter?? but i don’t wanna go back to twitter again…i can’t bear another abandonment…

      • yes girl he’s saying goodbye and posted a picture of Tree J bldg with YMP tarp..cheer up,,he still uses his agency twitter account (i hope so),,but nothing we can do,I’m sad but if he can get enough sleep w/out twitter then so be it…Let’s all be happy with Sukkie’s decision even if its heartbreaking T_T…

      • Its a goodbye twitter…and he jus posted a photo of ymp banner before treej company…he said #JKSTweet Translation: blasting twitter, bye cri.. hope no one impersonates my ID~~ Bye. Our company finally have the promotional banner! DongDong! http://pic.twitter.com/Xngq6Svg

    • Thx farina for the news. Mountains thumb up to him and the other two of them, i know that he will work harder and harder to get the best! hope that he wil get a bit rest after quitting twitter. If not then we can see that he kept playing with his phone during WinWin interview in previous vid, , if someone mistaken his new habit, then they can say that it’s not a good manner, look rude, huu..
      @all here, shiro401 offered 2 calender of sukkie 2012, anybody want? check your twitter now!

  7. @meg, TQVM! really cute and sweet!, he’s so fond of food! i like his curiousness and working hard until banging his knee just to get the sweet, it’s like his career now, try whatever method very hard to get his dream, and of course we eels get the enteresting and exciting result, yeah, his very sweet smile purposely to us! i love!

      • miracle,sorry to repeat your word now, actually i’m also so fond of food, -_- but it’s so hard to put up my weight, and if i eat less then i become skinny, so worst come to worst, food must be around me no matter what because i want more energy to do my work everyday and of course to see our prince every nite ekkkkeke

  8. When I heard that he was closing his twitter, I didn’t feel super sad since I had a feeling he would still keep updating his fans through tree-J or weibo. BUT after 2 days without any tweets from him, i starting to get really really sad since non of the other sites had any recent updates 🙁 I have to wait for updates (if coming from weibo) from a dfferent site, which takes time. There isnt any updates in his official app, or barely anything from tree j. Sighhh. Reading his tweets became my daily routine. After i wake up, after school, on the bus, before i sleep, while i do homework. NOW its zero. :/ Never had this sad feeling before for an actor. I finally know how you guys feel with your deep sorrow.
    When he had a twitter,,, we knew what he was doing, if he was shooting love rain, what he feels, his emotions through the Japan tour, and basically his daily life. Which brought the fans closer.
    Hopefully he sees his eels suffering and get used to updating his App like he does in twitter. Haha. It may be too much to ask but
    I CANT LIVE WITHOUT YOU! <3 Love you KeunSuk

  9. @Meg (India) where did you get this gif from ? i mean is it from a show like asia tour or an interview .if possible could you please put the links to .
    btw Farina and all the mothers eels , watching his fierceness to open the candy box didn’t he looks like a two years old child fighting with his toys .
    and @ren121 unlike you i can put on weight only by smelling food so if you hadn’t enouph with Miracle kilos i can send you mines with a big thanks as bonus

    • WAHAHAHA!! Maya! In your profession you shld be the one to advise us how to lose weight! You really make me laugh today!!! Lollll!!!!

    • Sis i jus got the gif fro twittr..dunno which video it is am searching for it..I have many of his funny gifs to help me through hard times like these past three days…will try to find it for you guys!!

    • TQ2, obedient bow2 just like koreans and japs..everyday i try hard to put up my kgs, wah! what a day if i can put up my weight just to smell foods like you @maya and half of you @miracle! SUKKIE! HELP US! and let all of us faint together when he suddely reply this request! haha what a daydream!

      • thanks Meg , i hope you’ll find them soon.
        as for the problem of the weight it’s easier to put on than to lose some and it becomes more complicated for woman after the quarantine (coz of the hormones).
        add to this : *the pregnancy witch will make you lose for good your slim waist
        *the food we enjoy eating and witch will install slowly but certainely on the bad places
        *the lack of exercice coz of lot of responsibility and some laziness .
        once all this conditions are presents , no diet or medicine can get ride of the superfluous kilos .at that time we’ll have two choices : make a reservation either in a clinic to do liposucion (to suck the grease from the body) or in the stores to bye new clothes XXL size , and believe me at that time the girls like “ren121” who is now complaining will have the dream body we never had .
        ps:ren121, you know that rice is low in calories , so if you really want to put up weight you’ll have to eat a lot of other food like pasta, bread , cakes …

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