[Notice] Limited-time offer for OLD JKS’ app users


As the news was already announced, JKS’ new apps for iPhone and Android were released. With the release of them, his previous app for iPhone has become unavailable. So Tree-J planned the special offer for old app users. Below is the detail about the event. But be careful that it is the limited-time offer, so follow the procedures immediately.
*the period: 10.19.2011.(Wed)~10.24.2011.(Mon)

For more information and pics,

*Below is the extracts taken from the notice of Tree-J company.
*Event celebrating the release of the new JangKeunSuk application*

Dear users of JangKeunSuk (previous version of iPhone app) application,

To celebrate the release of the new application and to show our gratitude to our users, we invite you to an event offering small gifts. We hope you enjoy the new application as well.

■ Event Outline
— When: 10.19.2011.(Wed)~10.24.2011.(Mon)
— Who: Anyone who purchased JangKeunSuk application
— Gift
Please select one from the following list.
1. Amazon.co.jp1,000 Yen Gift Certificate
2. NAVER Mileage 10,000 won
3. Amazon.com $10 Gift Certificate

■ How to participate
Please send the following information to treej0804@gmail.com
(Please note that your participation will be accepted only if the following information is fully provided.)
– Name:
– MemberID: ID registered to the old application
– User name: User name registered to the old application
– E-mail address:
– Gift number (select one):
1. Amazon.co.jp1,000 Yen Gift Certificate
2. NAVER Mileage 10,000 won
3. Amazon.com $10 Gift Certificate
‐NAVER ID (if you chose Gift#2)
 : To receive NAVER Mileage your NAVER ID needs to be registered to NAVER Mileage.(NAVER Mileage registration URL: http://mileage.naver.com/customer/home
: If you have NAVER ID already, not to forget write it down.

■ Notifications
・ For each purchase of application, you can participate with only one ID.
・ Your ID has to be registered before 9.15.2011.
・Gifts will be sent approximately during 10.31.~11.18.2011.
・ Gifts will be sent to the e-mail account you participated with or to your NAVER account if you selected Gift#2.
・ The information you provided to participate in the event will be provided to NAVER Japan Co. for the sole purpose of sending gifts. Do not participate if you do not agree to this condition.
・Participations that arrive later then the given dates will not be received.

■How to get the new apps
Serach “jangkeunsuk” at App Store or Android Market. Below are the links.
App for iPhone
App for iPhone (LITE)
App for Android
App for Android (LITE)


14 thoughts on “[Notice] Limited-time offer for OLD JKS’ app users”

  1. so is NAVER membership free? I bought the iPhone app yesterday and signed up for membership. Because I couldn’t read the terms (everything was in Japanese) I wasn’t sure if it cost anything. Anyway, even though I can’t read the contents, it is still the best $7 I’ve ever spent. The pictures alone are worth it. 🙂

    • I think Naver part was free. Its just an interface right? Yeah, I bought the android app today once I figured out where all my paycheck money was going. I’m pathetically frugal that way.

      • no, this is the first time I’ve downloaded the app…coz the previous iPhone app was unavailable for a while. I was just wondering though if the NAVER membership was free. It didn’t ask for payment when I signed up so I assume is free 🙂

  2. can’t figure out how to register for naver at the link above… help!
    also, do we need to register at naver.co.jp before we can comment on the app? Seems that way in the app..

    • Jazzie, I think this campaign is planned for old apps users to compensate for the previous payment. So you can choose one option of three ( I chose 1). So I don’t know well about “NAVER Mileage 10,000 won” worth. So if you want to choose 2, you should sign up as the NAVER member (I think you can sign up at “setting” of the app). If you choose 1 or 3, you don’t have to sign up. But it seems that to leave the comment, you should sign up as the NAVER member. Do you understand?

  3. Thanks kaori san. I understand. I just don’t understand the instructions to sign up as a Naver member because the whole website is in Korean… I’ll try to figure it out. Thanks again!

  4. OMO, I missed his news for quite some time. Now I know why my old JKS apps is not working. Err, I cannot remember what ID I registered for the old apps. Gosh, I must fast fast go buy the new apps.

  5. Is there any way that this app can have messages to be copied and pasted to a translation app so that we could understand the messages in English?? The app description is very misleading in saying that it comes trilingually when in fact all messages are in Japanese and Korean. No English!


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