[10.10.2011] YMP showcase vids (unsubbed)

Credits: kkarienzyme & LungEe100


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11 thoughts on “[10.10.2011] YMP showcase vids (unsubbed)”

  1. hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii tenshi and tnx a lot ……….. i and my friends are a lot but they can’t see your pictures i can see your pictures beacause i have vpn . but they haven’t vpn …. can you upload pictures in this site????? can you my dear friend……..
    please answer me…… thank

    • khatere, I’m happy you liked these pics. About your proposal, I’d appreciate that you upload them instead of me because I don’t understand Arabic at all…. 🙁
      Just right-click on the image and save pics to your PC. After that, you can upload the site.

    • I bet no one ever made such thing like that dedicated to her,he is such a sweet boy..the fact that she saved it on her mobile,it must be special..Prince is really amazing,,I love him even more..^_^

  2. He looks like a school boy in that outfit! I love it! I’m thinking of an anime charactor with the little boy and his valet. The little boy if dressed like that but he has shorts on. Sukkie looks soo adorable. He can def do cosplay and look better then the charactors themselves!

  3. OMG JKS looks so HOT!

    I just had my dose of catching up with everything thats been happening to JKS which is alot as I am currently in Vietnam for work and havent had time to check up on this blog… so happy that JKS is keeping himself all happy and busy!

    hope everyone is well 🙂

  4. can’t wait for the Eng sub version of this,,to our translator..i know you guy’s are busy doing it..so I just have to wait,,thank you so so much..I wish you good health & strength and most especially patience in subbing JKS videos..Cheers to the translators..^_^


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