12 thoughts on “[09.10.2011] the BIFF Spring Party pics”

  1. I’m loving the kisses too. Have you noticed that the pants he’s wearing are the same pair he’s worn 2 other times during BIFF? He was wearing them when he performed on street and again when he was doing open talk with logan lerman. I just love them!

    Would you believe I found an article actually criticizing him for having bodyguards? LOL.. Personally I think they are more to keep JKS focused than to protect him but still why criticize? http://en.korea.com/blog/enter/movie/jang-keun-suk-comes-to-busan-with-bodyguards/

    • Andrea, I notice that too as Sukkie seems to be the only one star with bodyguard but I think Sukkie has no choice this time (even if he wants freedom like his secret personal trip to Japan recently which he escaped from managers & bodyguards) ^_^ for these events, I believe he needs to be punctual from one venue to another.. .just see this vid taken using handphone by fan at Pusan… we will understand why he needs bodyguard…

      • OMG! He definitely needs some bodyguards around him! Otherwise our sweet candy Sukkie can be “eaten” anytime by “hungry” fangirls!!!
        Sukkie! Be safe! We need u as a whole and healthy!!!^^

      • Ah… I would be happy just to be in the same place and time with him even if I didn’t even make eye contact LOL but I don’t think I would have hover or hound. But I haven’t been around a lot of celebrity before so I don’t know how I would really react. Closest I have been to a celebrity is Linda Carter (played Wonder Woman on TV during the 1970s) when I sat near her in a theater for a musical.

      • you‘re right. he‘s now too famous he can‘t afford not to have bodyguards. i can just imagine eager fans pouncing and jumping on him if he doesn‘t have bodyguards with him. scary!

        whatever negative things other people say about him is their problem. it‘s his right to have his own bodyguards to keep him safe and “whole“. 🙂 and good or bad publicity is still publicity. it means he is being recognized.

  2. Yeah, i also came across the article earlier and was about to share it with you..it seems that the wordings and misleading and malicious..

    • Yeah…..I learn to ignore all those malicious comments. In the past when I read them, I become angry and depress. So my defense is I try to avoid reading bad comments at all cost. Constructive criticism is one thing, but pain rude and ugly languages that I cannot stand.

      • uh oohh,,Prince is so famous and that’s why they are so furious about him..What’s wrong with bodyguards in the first place,huh!!

    • actually, i also learned to brush away these kind of articles. My concern now is that keun-suk is starting to draw huge attention in his home country, which, somehow we are aware that were not that given to him..but if articles such as these pop up (however untrue/misleading/insinuating they are), they might affect the perception of those who are just starting to know him..it’s just my insight though..

      but whatever, good news about him overpowers these kinds of stuffs anyway.

      • it is so unfortunate that his home country rarely appreciates him before,where in fact they should’ve been the first to see JKS potentials..Isn’t it funny that Overseas Eel’s are the one who Love JKS so much.They are the one who appreciated him the most..How can this people be so cruel to our Prince.We just only see/watch him on videos but this did not stop me from adoring JKS..Poor judgement make’s them unworthy of Prince attention..There are those type of people who barely distinguish REAL from FAKE..And I am happy that the JKS that I know is Real..

  3. just like other eels here… I’ve learn to “differentiate” what been written about him in articles… though how untrue it was… can’t help to feel sad somehow thinking how he had tried his best effort on everything he does… yet they still managed to find “ways” to criticize him… though he might be able to absorb those kind of things..but it may hurt hm sometimes..but nevertheless….he’s the best….


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