Korean CF for Codes Combine

Credits: baidusukbar

Ok, I feel guilty about posting this, because other than it’s a Korean commercial shoot for Codes Combine (a fashion clothes line assumably), I know about this as much as Baidusukbar does, which is, nothing much else.

So what all us eels are doing are just admiring his make-up in the picture above 🙂


4 thoughts on “Korean CF for Codes Combine”

  1. I love it, I’d totally buy it, in fact I’m planning a shopping trip to Korea with my lil sister because the fashion is just something else there!

    • will u be planning your trip in conjunction with JKS’ events i.e. fan-meeting or Lounge H?
      it’s certain that he will have more of these events in 2011 across many Asian countries – it’s just a matter of time and schedule.
      i’m planning an overseas trip, but i will definitely time it with one of his events! 2011 is going to be an exciting year filled with JKS! HAHA~~~


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