[09.10.2011] Open Talk with Logan Lerman pics

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Soooooooooo many pics!!!!!
I heard that Sukkie talked with Logan Lerman in English. Later the vid will be on YouTube. can’t wait!!!


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Sukkie kissed one eel’s hand!!! OMG! So jealous!!!
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Sukkie teaches Logan Lerman how to flying-kiss?!

Sukkie gave Logan Lerman USB memory including Sukkie’s song! LOL!!

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    • Logan Lerman… Oh, i do remember him. I watched his movie “Percy Jackson and Olympians: Lightning Thief” last year. Since that time i remembered him as Percy Jackson, didn’t know his real name. Indeed handsome guy, especially his eyes r beautiful, but i didn’t expect him to be so young! Anyways, two handsome guys, one from east and the another from west, eventually met each other!!!

    • If it makes you feel better I had to Google Logan Lerman LOL and I’m an American. I’ve actually seen him in quite a few things but still didn’t know who he was. Bet Logan Lerman’s fans are scratching their heads wondering who Jang Keun Suk is right now, googling him and falling into his trap LOL

      • Yeah I had to go check out the internet movie database to check out who is this Logan person. He is really cute. He looks so confused and innocent next to Sukkie! Lol.
        Sukkie looks like a veteran actor helping out a newcomer.
        I’m loving Sukkie outfit, just minus the accessories. Less is better. Lol. But as always he looks terrific.

      • Yeah.. loved his clothes too. He looked so masculine and handsome in them. Just wondered though.. are those pants/jeans the same ones he was wearing a few days ago when he performed on the street outside that restaurant he went to for seafood? http://jangkeunsukforever.com/?p=6504 He looks so good in those pants. It forget how tall he is sometimes when he’s pictured alone but when he’s next to another guy its quite evident. Can you just imagine how he would look if he bulked up a little?

    • I guess it is good that everytime through Sukkie, I get to know more about many other artistes from other countries, this is the purpose of East Meet West right? ^_^

      • Yup… Sukkie has changed my life and perspective. Up until 6 months ago most of my exposure to Asian cinema was most Chinese historical films (which I love) but mostly Hollywood movies that take place in Asia or have Asian American actors. I’m also a bit of a fan of Bollywood. Not to sound ethnocentric but Korea never really factored in and most of my exposure to Korea had been negative (because of North Korea conflicts). But now that I’ve actually learned how beautiful South Korea is and heard the language I’m so in love with the people and country that I want to visit someday.

  1. Thanks all for the uptodate news of our prince, but i realise 1 thing, JKS have not kiss any of his eels hand, if u look carefully , he was kissing his own hand …. Maybe this is his style or he is concern his others eels feeling tho…..

  2. There’s only 6 sm difference between their height. Logan’s height is 174 sm, and our dear Sukkie’s is 180,2 sm, if i’m not mistaken.

  3. thanks a lot for the videos . as for him kissing the hand of one of his eels , although i zoomed the picture , i noticed 3 hands but honestely i can’t assume that he’s kissing his own one , and who cares ? i don’t know any artiste who did it .
    andrea you say you are a fan of bollywood , me too and specially shah rouk khan i’ve seen all his movies and shows . by the way don’t you think that he looks like JKS not physically of course (JSK is more handsome )but in his behavor . the two of them are specials and because of that were ofen criticized by the media .there were also the same rumors of them being gay , show of ; too pride ad more .
    so i pray that he carry on his good word so that he became the king of asia like SRK is the king of bollywood

    • I love Shahrukh Khan! First movie I saw him in was Kuch Kuch Hota Hai. Funny, now that I think of it the plot for that movie reminds me of a cliche Kdrama plot! LOL.. thats too funny. Anyway, don’t know him outside of films so couldn’t compare personality. Just been getting a kick of JKS last few days. So glad he’s been having fun and relaxing last few days even though he’s also working. Been getting a ton of exposure.

      Maya.. I can’t think of anything else Bollywood-wise at the moment. I’ve kind of let myself get heavily invested in Kdramas. And even though I still don’t understand Korean very well I’m now able to pick it out in a room full of foreigners. I am in Washington, DC and I was at one of the art museums this weekend and heard a couple of Korean young men talking (if I stand still for about 10 minutes I typically hear at least 15 different languages spoken). I actually found that I understood enough to know that they were speaking Korean and their speech level (comfortable rather than formal) LOL

      • Hi andrea, u remind me about SRK! i remembered when i actually was a big fan of SRK, he is one of a very special star in Bollyw, i was trying hard to go to the cinema to watch his mv after finishing my final exam when i was in a univ at that time..a very energetic,confident, funny and genius king of Bolly, when i felt down i would watch his mv just to see his sweet smile.. :), and i was digging his updates crazily! (same as i’m digging JKS right now!) and next was Matsu Jun in Kimi wa Petto, which was also almost the same with SRK.. admire both of them, they were my inspiration! and now, JKS is coming in new era and new world of course, the all in one prince of my heart! Thank GOD for introducing them to me, i’m so glad and honoured in my life now!

  4. yay……east meets west… guess sukkie is now on a mission to spread his “love’….keep going there….. we’ll be there along the way….super cute times two…. not fair…one is enough and now two???? i’m getting a massive awe-oohh syndrome…

    • i don’t know about you girls but…do i smell hollywood-collabaration-in-the making??? err….. could it be vice versa??? hhehehhe…don’t mind me…btw..love the shade…

  5. o_O! i’m sooo happy for keun-suk..he really came up with different activities in Busan.

    ..this is also the first time that i knew logan lerman..hehe..i didn’t even know that he’s percy jackson..hehehe..

    keun-suk’s dashing in all the pictures: the smile, the clothes, the body (^^), the aura. what else?! I mean, we can compete his face and aura with western stars like Logan.

    • I love the whole interview,but still I’m waiting for the sub version..I liked sukkie’s jeans and shoes,so cool.He should wear clothes like that more often,rather than those lady like outfits,he’s more attractive and sexy this way..Sukkie is so confident,I loved his side comment’s (bro,sure,promise)..But my favorite part was when he made a V sign,while scratching his nose,,so funny..It will be more fun I guess if Sukkie know’s this page so he can read our comments,is he aware admin?

      • yeah…. someone should REALLY get him to see and know this bog and what the admins have been working on all this time…. guess he must be really happy of it …

      • actually..i haven’t seen the videos yet due to limited accessibility here (-_-)..although I’ve read that there’s a part where he commented: “You think I won’t make it to Hollywood?”..^^..(will just go over the videos later).

        i also hope that he visit this blog for him to actually “hear” the voices of his eels re: his activities, tweets, posts, plans, etc. ^^ and hopefully, provide him a lot more inspiration to pursue his dreams.

    • Hi gals ! Actually I have emailed to his office of this blog link
      Hope Sukkie’s staff will let him know about the mail *finger cross* (^o^)
      (normally all mails will be opened by his staff since he is always out of office)

  6. guy’s maybe admin of this site already send a link to prince JKS,..anyway’s I send a another link to his twitter account,hope he could find time to read my tweet and check this site,,finger crossed!! So excited..I think It would be great If he reads our views & opinions about his activities,don’t you think,,exciting!!

  7. ha ha I had to go internet ’cause I didn’t kown anything about Logan Lermnan… But JKS looks amazing!!! I love his face, smile, everything…


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