[fan-cam 3] CHIMIRO concert in Nagoya_20230515

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1 thought on “[fan-cam 3] CHIMIRO concert in Nagoya_20230515”

  1. Band bonding on stage, so nice to see this and JKS’ excitement about it. Go go Choi Chul Ho! Stage debut at this phase of his career – who dared to dream of seeing him on stage? We’ll probably get to know Ahn Jihoon soon enough too.

    Their fingers’ sign YO LET’S ROCKNROLL, flipped over looks like F that for these 3 musketeers stands for many things – Fraternity, Friendship, Fabulous, Full of aFFection, at times Funny, Fluffy, Flirting… and Freaking awesome music!

    And the U.S Air Force Thunderbirds T-shirt goes with the recent 5th ep. of @IAM_JANGKEUNSUK in which love is in the air – TOP GUN (Chan style) ^^ , now he sings this love song with this T-shirt…


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