[article] Jang Keun Suk Transforms Into Mournful Police Officer In “Decoy: Part 2”

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Ahead of its premiere, “Decoy: Part 2″ has unveiled interesting new stills!!

“Decoy” (also known as “The Bait”) is a crime thriller that follows a lawyer-turned-homicide detective searching for the truth behind unsolved past cases by investigating current crimes. Jang Keun Suk stars as Goo Do Han, a detective who is determined to uncover the truth after Noh Sang Cheon (Heo Sung Tae), the culprit of South Korea’s biggest fraud case, is named as a suspect in a present-day murder case even though he supposedly died eight years ago.

Part 1 premiered early this year in over 186 countries around the world and received an average overseas rating of 9.4, quickly becoming Coupang Play’s most popular drama.

Just two days before the premiere of Part 2, “Decoy” has shared intriguing new stills featuring yet another dramatic change of Goo Do Han. Goo Do Han, who was a homicide detective in “Decoy” Part 1, is suddenly spotted in a police uniform. Saluting with a mournful expression, viewers are curious to see who’s at the end of his gaze and the story behind Goo Do Han putting on a police uniform.

Moreover, the last still shows Goo Do Han coming to a shocking realization upon seeing a notebook. What is the new revelation that he finds and how will it help in revealing the truth surrounding Noh Sang Cheon?

Part 2 of “Decoy” premieres on April 7. Watch a teaser here!

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