[Video] [#Making] Behind the scenes of JKS’ first shooting the drama ‘Decoy’ #미끼 #decoy

UPDATED: added the English translation by Zoe from ECI

Credit: 장근석 Jang Keun-suk

Jang Keun Suk
Behind the scenes, Decoy filming
0:08 Hello! I am Jang Keun Suk who plays Gu Do Han. Nice to meet you.
0:10 This work is a drama that follows connected incidents from distant past, past and present.
0:20 My role, Gu Do Han, a former lawyer who has become a violent crime (police) detective
0:23 gets dragged into a case and goes on to uncover the truth.
0:28 Smart, elite, yet a little bit rough
Text around his head: tough warning
0:33 It’s that kind of detective role.
0:34 I am at a filming site after a long time.
0:38 and making drama comeback after 4 and half years
(text on the screen says 5 years, but he said 4,5)
0:42 Being here at the filming site of this drama
0:44 I feel that I am alive now,
0:47 and I try my best while filming each film cut.
0:49 Now, rather than showing Jang Keun Suk,
0:53 I work hard in every scene in order to get closer to Gu Do Han as soon as possible.
0:58 Please look forward to the broadcast.
1:02 The filming of our drama started in fact in September
1:05 There are almost 5 months left until the broadcast
1:08 In a way, it could be a long time.
1:11 It could also be a short time.
1:13 However we will make the best work during the next 5 months
1:15 so that you can watch it very comfortably in your living room.
1:19 I will try my best to make a drama that you can enjoy watching.
1:21 Please look forward to it.
1:23 Text: Do Han and Jong Hoon are greeting before filming
Text on both of them: nice, nice
1:26 Text: After the rehearsal the real filming starts
1:33 Text: Tough … Cool
1:35 Text: The filming site full of real professionalism
1:39 Text: Focus
1:45 Text: The two actors who are adjusting the script before the filming
1:55 Immersed in Gu Do Han (role), charisma 200%
2:00 So, speaking about that innocent man
2:02 Mr Lee Byung Jun who confessed,
2:05 if he really is as you say innocent,
2:08 would an innocent man even go to the jail instead of the murderer.
2:13 What are you going to do now?
2:19 Do Han who laughs because of Na Yeon who can’t start the car
2:24 Text: Na Yeon’s second try (to start the car)
2:29 What are you going to do now?
2:31 Text: This time Na Yeon succeeded in the first try, cute Do Han
Cute, cute
2:32 Okay, okay, okay
2:36 Text: Do Han who is amazed by the newly changed filming equipment
2:39 Ah, these days it comes out like this
(So amazed..?)
2:43 The world has changed so much
(The world has changed so much..)
2:24 Text: Cute Do Han imitates turning the steering wheel.
2:56 Today is the first day of filming
3:01 We are filming the ending of the 3.episode.
3:06 Relation with Na Yeon is kind of tense, and
3:07 we are filming the scene that goes deeper into the case.
3:12 Filming of such an important scene is on the first day of filming, so
3:15 I am even more nervous
Text: Haha haha
3:18 It turned out to be such a scene.
3:20 And, it’s the first time I play together with Ms Lee Elijah.
3:24 She is very bright, has a very nice personality too.
3:27 On the other side, she analyses the character diligently.
3:30 Her personality is really very different (from Na Yeon),
3:33 but when she is immersed in the character
3:35 she really becomes Na Yeon.
3:39 Even though it was the first day of filming, I could see that.
3:44 So I think, since we play together, it’s not lonely,
3:46 we will be able to film while studying each other well.
4:01 Voice: Na Yeon appeares
4:05 Text: You can watch Decoy on Coupang Play
4:08 Voice: Okay. Let’s go, next scene
4:16 JKS: Finally
4:17 Voice: What
4:18 JKS: Memory, whoo
Text: Jang Keun Suk and Decoy, please give them a lot of attention 🙂

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