[News] The details of the lottery for JKS’ single ‘Emotion’ buyers

UPDATED: The online event will be held on June 12th (Sat), but the time hasn’t announced yet.

Original source: https://www.universal-music.co.jp/jang-keunsuk/news/2021-04-09/

If you buy the first limited production (the first limited production A/ B/ C, the regular edition, or JKS Japan fan club limited edition) of Jang Keun Suk’s new single ‘Emotion’, you’ll get a serial number for a lottery enclosed in the CD. Finally the details were announced. Please check the details below. You may be one of the lucky 390 winners!

[The details of “Thank you!” campaign]
*You need a serial number enclosed in the CD for the lottery.
*You need to access the application website and type the serial number, then choose among 3 choices; A prize, B prize and C prize.
*One application for one serial number. If you have more than one serial number, you can apply as many as you have.
*The result will be announced by an e-mail and for the winners only.
*The campaign uses the methods of ‘ticket board’ application drawing system. You need to create the free account for the application.

[The details of prizes]
*A prize (personal online talk [voice call only] with JKS) : 100 winners
– The event will be scheduled in June 12th (Sat).
– You can talk for 30 seconds with JKS through voice call only.
– The online talk uses ‘WithLIVE’ mobile app. Each session ends even in the middle of the talk when the time comes.
– The date and time will be automatically decided and announced for each winner.

*B prize (JKS’ photo with his handwritten autograph) : 50 winners

*C prize (‘Emotion’ poster) : 240 winners

[The schedule]
*Application period part1
May 25th (Tue) 14:00 ~ 27th (Thurs) 13:00
=> The result will be announced on May 29th (Sat) 12:00

*Application period part2
May 27th (Thurs) 14:00 ~ June 3rd (Thurs) 13:00
=> The result will be announced on June 5th (Sat) 12:00

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