[How to order] Jang Keun Suk 2021 Official Calendar ~Only look at me~

UPDATED: added the latest Korean EMS service and Japanese international shipping status
Good news for international eels! The international delivery service is available for Jang Keun Suk 2021 Official Calendar ~Only look at me~. The preorder period is from October 15th 13:00 through November 3rd 23:59. Please access the online booking website from here. However, because of COVID-19, Korean EMS service is not available to all countries at present. So please check the latest infomation from here. tenshi_akuma’s note: currently it’s available for only 31 countries.

*Overseas shipping
-Shipping method: EMS 1588-1300
-Shipping area: shipping area ( EMS check )
-Shipping fee: Differential charges depending on weight and volume
-Shipping period: Delivery period varies depending on country and region

Returns & changes
-Exchanges/Returns/Refunds are available only if you indicate your intention to exchange/return/refund within 7 days from the date of purchase.
-Return address: In front of the person in charge on the 3rd floor of AP Tower, 724, Seolleung-ro, Gangnam-gu, Seoul
-Inquiries for return: 070-7740-5205

In case of impossible to exchange or return
-In case of damage or damage to the product due to the carelessness of the consumer
-In case of use or partial consumption of the consumer If the value of the goods has decreased due to the current reduction in the value of the goods, etc.
-If the packaging of the goods that can be reproduced has been damaged (including DVDs and albums, books opened by the user, magazines that can be read within a short time, and video photobooks)
I heard EMS service in South Korea is still not available to all countries because of COVID-19. As Korean online shop website uses EMS only, eels living in some countries cannot order the calendar there. Please check the latest info from here.

If you want to order it from KOARI, you need to use tenso service. KOARI is available for Japanese domestic shipping only. Please check the related post in the past. But even in Japan, there are still limits to send items to foreign countries. Please check the latest information. For example, Japan post office doesn’t allow to send to US or South America.

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  1. Hi, i’m Laila also from Dubai, UAE. I am unable to go through my order in this site as u need a WPS member ID. Even i tried joining but it doesn’t go through. I have been querying around on what is the clear requirement to order.. I am also considering to order through another country’s FC again just like the Dvd purchase. It’s a hassle for an individual FC member like me to go through this channel but, it’s to support JKS. Thank you.

  2. We can choose between EMS and EMS Premium shipping when we order the calendar on WPS website.. EMS Premium costs a little bit more, but it seems to be still available for many countries. 🙂

  3. I tried to do this today on worldprinceshop.com. I am in the USA. I tried to use Tenshi’s link on Google so I could translate the page, but I still was unsuccessful. It only translates a few things, but the problem is the site did not allow me to cut and paste Korean script so I could use Google Translate outside of the site. I was able to become and member with an ID, but I could not complete my purchase. I have sent an email to master@worldprinceshop.com and hope to get a reply. I will share anything useful that I learn.

  4. I’m trying to order today, but I don’t see any payment options other than Korean banks. I don’t see PayPal or credit card. You’re not able to set up a payment preference in your profile, so I don’t understand yet. I will try to contact WPS. Has anyone else had this problem?

    • Hi Jean! You can’t pay it with credit card. You have to choose paypal. Click on the 5th option, the last one, and you will be able to choose USA paypal.

      Did you choose overseas delivery (해외배송 )? You have to do that first. After that you have to choose between EMS and EMS premium. You also have to choose your country to get the right price. It’s right under the EMS options.

      I think it’s better to use Q&A on WPS website if you want to ask them something. They reply fast there. 🙂

      • Thank you Zoe! Yes, I was able to choose overseas and USA and also EMS options. I couldn’t translate the payment section at all on my PC, but later I noticed I could translate better from my IPad. Thanks for the ideas on the Q & A. I did notice people talking about Paypal there.

      • Hi May!
        I got an email from WPS yesterday that my calendar has been shipped out.

        You can also check the status on WPS website . Find your order and click on the name of the calender, and a new window with more information will appear.

  5. UUuuffff… I’ve been trying to order today, but it has been so difficult since the text on the website in not formatted for copy-paste and check it in the Google translator.
    Additionally, I’m not sure if EMS is available in Mexico ’cause due the COVID I know there’s no mailing service.
    If someone knows if there’s a chance to order from Mexico, I’ll appreciate your response-suggestions.
    Thank you!!!

    • Hi Wen,

      I was having the same cut and paste problem when tried to do this on my pc, but some of the copy paste function did work on my IPad. I got stuck at the payment section because nothing in the drop down could be copied and pasted for translation. I hope you get info on mail to Mexico.

      • Thanks Jean. I finally manage to order and pay.
        Let’s pray everything is OK and my calendar will arrive complete and on time. =)

  6. The “on that day” reminders in his calendars plus some of his recent posts send down the memory road. An old Sukkie’s “piece of work”:
    His shows always change so much but the core is the same, even before he became such a big star, just like the thing with his looks (maybe it’s part of what feels like “home” even with his ever changing everything?). Wondering, will these old pearls he left on the way, from before this blog started, get translated? Or, is it possible to have a general idea, even in few words, what he’s saying in the last “JKS FM” part? It seems like he’s sobbing into the mic, never mind if it’s real or jokingly – as if he’s touched by fans words? Maybe explains why he’s distructed in the next singing part?

    The ways this unbelievable talent developed are more than fascinating. That’s why I like Priya’s latest vids. Another old frame that goes with one of those he he


    Wanna send you some fan art. Have followed all Priya’s references from several months ago, naturally it takes a long time as there’s loads of contents, plus this blog is endless. Trying to associate what was where and when, using images as understood that it’s impossible to digest so mush and our brain remembers images better than data – what came out of this looks not like a showcase, but a show BOMB case. It somehow resembles to what KISS THE PRINCE are doing, but it shows the sequence stage path through visuals in details. The words “Sunshine drawn by (he)art” came to mind…

    • Adding to JKS EUROPE informative FB post yesterday about Ting concert

      1) It looks like Sukkie was Ting face from 2001 and till 2004. As the post mentioned it was 2003 and one of below vids mentioned 2004, maybe it was both years? There were clearly several concerts, at least 3 different performances (1 in above FB post, 2 more below with poor quality but Sukkie’s velvet voice is more notable with less background noises). Not only the hairstyle but the few last seconds of each performance are easy to tell apart. Even then and even it’s a cover with specific moves, Sukkie was natural as always, changing his moves. And the 2nd vid is a real treasure as he’s piggybacked to the stage and at the end communicating with the audience as MC

      2) Not sure how much experience Sukkie had back then as MC (found many from 2005 onwards) but he must have had almost no real stage experience, as in being sort of a solo, in the front and center on a big stage but he looks so experienced. If it was 2003, then even this NONSTOP 4 that shows 3 Sep 2004 can’t be counted https://youtu.be/2AnMtfr8sco?t=102

      3) As most of us here are International eels, and only one vid mentions the song’s name, it’s important to know the origin. The “signature outfit” if that’s the right term, was used as well.
      Moreover, it was a HUGE hit of Rain, maybe I’m wrong but it could be his huge comeback/breakthrough after a slope due to soccer conquering the top Korean public interest (I got into it as Sukkie himself referred to Rain as the King), just after he started to rise. I’m not sure it was this specific song but part of Rain’s problem was another song that he released in a too heavy version (BAD GUY). So above cuteness overload, together with a lighter version of BAD GUY must have been part of the big comeback. It’s real hard to get the picture what exactly went on almost 20 years ago but it was very important to me as the way I see it, Sukkie developed among real giants that were trained many years and cast a big shadow, and he did it all by himself. Young Sukkie managed to top Rain’s cuteness in this cover, this was one of the first vids that made me go crazy checking his early stages. It was so unbelievably impossible at that time but this cub did it big time! No one imagined back then that this was a lions cub he he…

      • 2 more gems found:

        Having fun with BoA on Ting set

        Singing SMAP’s ONLY FLOWER IN THE WORLD in 2008 Japan FM
        What a wonderful choice right from the start of his journey, not only as SMAP was his inspiration since youth, but singing this song especially to convey his attitude towards his fans and while personally handing them flowers.

        In several sources this is referred to as the 1st Japan FM but maybe because it was the 1st out of 2 November FMs? The 1st was in February… Still puzzled about some details of his endless activities…

  7. About HEROINE 6 TV show, it aired from Nov 2004, Sukkie was 17. Even if some parts may be earlier, the parts related to HJY are from early 2007 (age 19).

    Segment with serenade acapella+HJY monologue
    It’s TIM’s (with whom Sukkie recorded WE CAN MAKE IT in 2008) song I LOVE YOU, same song 2005 Radio DJ Sukkie “sang”

    Segment with HJY parody

    Compilation, one of his most cutest
    BGM is MGY’s song DESIGN, lyrics are meaningful, relating to Sukkie

    Wishing there was a thread here for Sukkie’s earlier contents. It’s scattered on the net, mostly detached with no contexts and is an inseparable part of who and what he is. Belongs in this important blog.


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