[Summary] NHK ‘Mikkai-restaurant’ 20200921

English translation: tenshi_akuma
MCs are Terajima Shinobu (Japanese actress), Madam of Mikkai restaurant, Kishi Yuta (member of Japanese idol group ‘King & Prince’), junior waiter, and Yoshimuara Takashi (Japanese comedian), senior waiter. Guests are Mitz Mangrove (drag queen) and Daigo (Japanese comedian).

Jang Keun Suk was one of the guests of the TV talk show, and he appeared remotely from Seoul, South Korea.
As a starter, Yoshimura asked him to say something sweet to Madam as a greeting.

JKS: Shinobu-san, have you ever been told that you look like Pikachu (Pokemon)?
Shinobu: Never.
JKS: Because I feel an electric shock (as if I fell in love at first sight)…
JKS: hahaha
Shinobu: You laughed at your own words too fast!

Kishi introduced “Jang Keun Suk’s Love History” to the viewers.
His first kiss was at the age of 16.
An older girl forced a kiss on him….
As such, his romantic skills were all taught by older girls.
He was very popular among women when he was in twenties.
The word that represents his love at that time is ‘obsession’.
In his memory, he was always chased by women and
he felt his freedom was taken away by them.

JKS: Before my first kiss experience,
I have little knowledge of that. I just had the image.
In fact, I was kissed by an older girl for the first time.
In my understanding learning from dramas,
a kissing scene is stopped between two faces.
However, the fact was not like that.
She stuck out her tongue at me….
Yoshimura: You shared the episode realistically…
Mitz: The truth was different from what you imagined.
Daigo: She did in an adult way…

A list of “Demanding” Jang Keun Suk was introduced in the show,
but most of his talks were not based on the list.
– A woman who shares her selfie on SNS is no good
– A woman who can set up a tent is good
– The way of using “honorifics” depends on the situation.
– I don’t pick her up by car.
– I prefer to marry a woman who is busy at work.
– I like a woman who has “a sexy brain (that means she’s smart?)”.
– I like being with a woman who always smell good.

1) A woman who shares her selfie on SNS is no good.
I suppose taking a selfie shows her narcissistic trait.
I don’t need another narcissist. It’s enough that only I love myself.

2) A woman who is not capable of self-management is no good.
I don’t like a woman who fixes her make-up beside me.
She should use the powder room when she needs to fix it.
For me, it’s inappropriate for a beautiful lady.
Please use the powder room.

3) A woman who can set up a tent is good.
Personally I like camping.
I often take a woman with whom I want to date in the future.
Because I believe I can tell what she is by camping.
For example, a woman came wearing a miniskirt and heels.
I was very surprised to see her.
In addition, she didn’t help me, but took photos only.
I don’t ask her to do it well,
but it’ll be nice if she’s trying to search something to help me.
Such an idea looks already attractive to me.

4) Preference for dating plan.
If I took her to an exclusive restaurant with a beautiful night view yesterday,
I will take her to a street food stall today instead.
I always try to make a gap between each dating plan.
Personally I like going to food stalls.
I always go there when I’m in Fukuoka.


Mitz: Have you ever dated with a Japanese woman?
JKS: Well… I hav…
Daigo: I don’t know “which” is your answer.
I’m impressed that you know the way to answer in such a way.
Mitz: I’m sure he has. I guess she was from Fukuoka.
I think he has been to food stalls with her.
JKS: When I was in earaly twenties,
I went to Odaiba (Tokyo) for dating.
Shinobu: Really? Is it ok to share the story with us?
JKS: It’s alright.

Shinobu: Do you wish to get married?
JKS: Yes. Since I was in twenties, I’ve wanted to get married.
Because I want to have kids.
Shinobu: But your conditions have become high hurdles to get married.
Kishi: Very high.
JKS: No, not so high.
Yoshimura: I’m afraid Geun-chan will never get married.
Shinobu: I agree.
Yoshimura: Geun-chan, we all worried if you cannot get married.
[JKS drinks a glass of champagne quietly…]
Yoshimura: You should drain it in a gulp.
Daigo: Geun-chan, I give you advice.
It’s ok to keep your ‘dream girl’ conditions right now,
but you’ll soon find greatness of women.

tenshi_akuma’s note: Each episode is about a 10-minute length, so some stories shared in the teaser was not broadcast. I hope it will be aired in the future. After the broadcasting, many non-eel Japanese praised JKS’ Japanese skills and his smartness and sense of humor. I really happy to hear such good feedbacks from the viewers.

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  1. thx dear Tenshi for the translations hope to see the show sure bcx i cant find a way to watch last night ,???really missed him alot❤️?????✌️

  2. I am happy to have read in English what JKS said in Japanese. KB said what I wanted to hear. I wasn’t disappointed in it, but you shouldn’t be surprised at that either ?

  3. Thank you, great job!
    For me the key word is “tent”. I can remember his short film “Camp”. I wish see him as a director of an adventure story. By the way the marriage is an adventure too.

  4. Indeed it was a wonderful day,knowing a glimpse of his past, makes my day complete, so true and very outspoken, everything was disclosed,

  5. So nice for someone to translate for us! Thanks a lot! How eels really cared for each other just like how Prince cares for all of us his eels.
    JKS is very smart and funny too. He has that great aura of friendliness, sweet, jolly, adorable , and very charming. Who will not fall in love with him?
    So nice to read about this show and wishing someday we can see the whole show and more shows to come of JKS with translation. Thank you♥️♥️♥️

  6. thx Dear Tenshi ,you always do the best for our eels ! with the translations we understand what our Prince saying !He is always so smart and funny and honest in everything ! Love and support him till the end Zikzin Dear missed you alot ???✌️❤️???????


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